Sunday, February 18

Questions of the Day

#1 - HyperDog has had a sore hip or knee for a few weeks, and whines to get up in her favorite chair. When I come over to help her, she hops right up. Why is that?!

#2 - Muh Main Man has been an enthusiastic onlooker as I've set up our Mvelopes budget tracking system, cheering me all along the way - not wanting to bother with it himself. Now that I've got it nicely arranged, he's decided to 'enhance' it a bit. Why is that?!

#3 - Little Chic was so exhausted during church tonight that she fell sound asleep and wanted to leave immediately when it was over. Once we got home, she was still raring to go at 10pm. Why is that?!

#4 - Brainy Boy is a germ-a-phobe when it comes to eating after people, touching gross things, etc. But he would skip his shower every single day if I'd let him. Why is that?!

#5 - My tooth has stopped hurting after 1/3 of my root canal was performed. I still have to go for two more sessions. Why is that?!

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