Thursday, February 22

Not A Cat, Not Yet a Hedgehog

Good friend and her husband work at a hardwoods company that ships lumber all over the world. Recently a load reached China where the Customs officials found a baby something-or-other that had accidentally found its way into the shipping container. It had spent a long 60 days inside the sealed container with a bunch of chopped down, chemically treated trees.

Upon discovering this little guy, panic set in about what diseases it may have brought with it as well as some alarm at wondering if the critter may have been intentionally included with the shipment. The worry was intensified by the fact that nobody at the shipping yard had a clue as to what type of creature this was.

Following is some pretty hilarious, if not cryptic, messaging that was sent back to the States along with a camera phone shot of the little guy in an attempt to figure out what it was...

Dear Sirs,

Its said one of the select inspect load has been found one alive. Looks like Cat/HEDGEHOG alive animal run out from the container. And now, the terrified inspector now report to Custom senior and now all 4 loads were pick out for further investigation and group discussion. Will keep you advised the further information and also asking for pictures proof if they could.

This is see a blue moon case and we have no idea. I suppose it went wrong way in the container while we are loading and for sure not who did it on purpose. A smuggler will not exporting one raccoon for “small potato”.

Yours Faithfully

林映慧 谨致

It turns out that after the beast tests negative for any type of communicable disease, it will be making its new home in the local zoo over there.

3 of Your THINKS:

Mary Ellen said...

That's pretty funny! I just figured raccoons were everywhere, didn't realize only we Americans had them. Good stuff.

Debbie said...

I got quite a chuckle out of this.

Panda-Mom said...

That is so crazy! Poor little guy. ; )