Monday, February 26

Life or Something Like It

Sometimes as life is moving along I find that I'm going with the flow of daily To-Dos and my blog has gotten hung up on a stray branch somewhere back upstream. Around these parts things are pleasant as ever, warming up a bit which is more to my liking. It's a sad state when I'm telling the kids they don't need to bundle as warmly as usual since it's currently 29 degrees outside. I took them to school in a sweatshirt this morning and was quite comfortable without a jacket. I resumed my daily 4-mile run today after a hiatus of longer than I'll admit even to myself. I say it's only been a couple of weeks but my backslidden fitness level begs to differ.

I actually do have a reason for my lack of blog activity. Not only were the kids home from school all last week (which always causes me to volley for computer time) but we also hosted Auntie who came to visit from DC. She brought various and sundry wares from Southern Living at Home and we had ourselves a nice little party at which I earned myself some free stuff for my house. It was especially enjoyable because Little Chic discovered that she loves to play the hostess and first assistant to the home party consultant. She got familiar with all the items and gladly played "Vanna White" as Auntie demonstrated the various treasures.

Brainy Boy, who generally doesn't care for such shenanigans, got into the spirit of things and offered to serve as butler to welcome and take the coats of the guests. He took the role very seriously with no coaching from me, and he kept asking if anybody needed drink or food refills. I suspect that he was enjoying the fringe benefit of tasting the French Iced Coffee I made, but we were all impressed nonetheless.

Since the rest of the week is fairly normal, I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow. By normal I mean: Tues- finish root canal, Wed- go with friend to an appointment and lead Financial Peace University, Thurs- Buy snacks for 3rd through 5th grade testing, Fri- Distribute snacks to classrooms and sing at church convention in town. There you have it - just the normal stuff.

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Mary Ellen said...

Is it just my imagination or is he looking rather tall these days!?!!?

I love, love, love Southern Living stuff and have accumulated quite a bit - great products.