Sunday, February 11

Kids Praise & Talent

Our church had its annual Kids Praise & Talent Nite and Little Chic did a bang up job singing a song called "Angels Watching Over Me." She is always so much fun to hear as she loves to sing and she really works hard getting ready.

Brainy Boy decided to write a poem after much encouragement prodding and he came up with the following. I was pretty impressed, if I do say so myself:

I love the Lord and I will sing praises to Him for everything.
I love Him more every day and I will follow Him all the way.
He's strong and helps me say "No" to sin, and I will do everything in Him.
He asks me to help Him stop people from doing sin and purify them within.

God is true, great and good and I will love Him like I should.
He speaks to me when I pray and He guides me through the day.
Follow in His footsteps and you will live in a place that's grand.
He died for me to give me life and to take away toil and strife.

I love You, God, through day and night, for God gives me a glorious light.
I pray You'll hold me in Your arms and keep me away from death and harm.
In the end, all I'll say is "Keep me close both night and day."

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Anonymous said...

That is just SO precious. Thanks for stopping by one of my blog's today. Feel free to come on by my other blog. :)

Thanks for the "thought-suggestion" of sparkpeople - I am really very happy that I stumbled upon it. It really is working for me.

Panda-Mom said...

About your Dixie Cups....sounds like you have little ghosties playiing a trick on you. Who ya gonna call? (Sorry, couldn't resist! ) I am emailing you about your dream. You are NOT going to believe this!

Panda-Mom said...

Apparently I didn't keep your email address. Just email me at {panda-mom @} and I will email you back. Thanks! Of course, that's with no spaces or the funky squiggle lines!

Debbie said...

I can't wait to have Little Chic be our American Idol in the future. Is she counting down yet? Brainy Boy's poem was truly a delight.

Anonymous said...

How precious!

I can't wait to meet all of you! ~ Jenn Jones

Anonymous said...


Rochelle said...

That is a sweet poem by Brainy Boy! We need a pic of Lil Chic singing!!

Mary Ellen said...

Great poem!

We need to hear the girl sing, can't you do a recording of her like you've done of you on that website!?!?!