Saturday, February 10

It Baffles Me

Do you ever have something that you just can't figure out? Something that just doesn't add up or make sense no matter how much you think about it?

Every Friday, I buy a pack of 14 Dixie Grab 'N Go disposable coffee cups with lids. Now I am the only one who uses these cups (for my coffee) and I use a lid every single time (I buy them 'cause I like the travel-cup style and I don't have to keep track of them-before Dixie, I was notorious for leaving my travel mugs everywhere). Every Friday when I bring the new package home, I have at least one extra lid left from the week before. Sometimes there are 2 extra. Once I had 3 extra. Now, how can this be? Each week I throw away the extras and start fresh, determined to end the next week with the same number of lids as cups.

Today again, I had 1 cup left with 3 lids. What's up with that? I cleverly figured out that they must provide a couple of extra lids in the package for those clueless people who accidentally put 2 lids on their cups. So I counted. 14 cups. 14 lids. I suppose I could use a little tally sheet or something to keep track, but that's not nearly as fun as being baffled!

3 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I saw these in a store recently and thought about getting them. Glad to hear you like them, I may make the purchase afterall. That is funny about the lids!

Hey, I have been thinking about you for a few days because of something I read in your profile. The whole medical transcription from home thing really interested me....can you email me and tell me more?


Debbie said...

Now you have me wondering, hmmm... Guess it's kinda like the lonely sock that I can never find the match to.

~ Debbie S

Mary Ellen said...

Maybe Hero Guy is playing funny tricks on you and adding or taking away lids to amuse himself! "-)

Speaking of which, does anyone ever tell Hero Guy that he looks like Announcer Guy (Ryan Seascrest) on American Idol? I often think they look so much a like!