Wednesday, February 7

Hands Off, Buster!

For the last two weeks I've had an increasing stiff neck, sometimes to the point of it giving me a headache. I've attributed it to various things, perhaps a migraine (medicine didn't help), sleeping wrong (switching pillows didn't work), my toothache (the root canal didn't help) and all sorts of other things like the increased time I've been spending on transcription. I've tried pain medicine, Ben-Gay, soaked in the hot tub and even resorted to making an appointment with the chiropractor though I can't get in for 10 more days.

Today as I was adjusting my computer chair yet again, using another cushion to prop myself a bit more comfortably, I realized that my arm rests have been majorly lowered and somehow I didn't notice it until now. Apparently some short people of the kid variety thought that my chair wasn't as comfortable as they'd like, and they took to making it more ergonomically acceptable for themselves. Grrrrr.

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Debbie said...

I'm really sorry. What's your take on a massage? After a great massage, I find that when I have aches in my neck, shoulders or back that a massage will melt those tension areas right away. I started having massages 7 years ago and let me tell ya, that's the first place I run.