Monday, February 5

Extra Support Needed

Hero Guy and I have reached a new level of supportive spouse with one another. We tend to generally be the self-sufficient types, not requiring a lot of ooohing and aaaaahing from one another in order to feel good about ourselves. We dish out the compliments to one another on a regular basis, but if one forgets to tell the other that they look lovely today, nobody gets very upset about that around here. We do, however, put undue pressure on ourselves, both being first-born, overachiever, Type A personalities. One of those areas of strict enforcement is with the daily weigh in that we subject ourselves to. We do it each and every day without fail and the expression on the face tells whether the trips to the gym are working sufficiently.

This morning, Hero Guy got up and decided that after the Super Bowl snacks from Sunday night, he was going to spare himself the scowl and just skip the weight check. Since I only watched the Super Bowl for benefit of the loaded potato skins and ice cream, I decided this was a great idea for myself as well. As we left the each left the house, I commented on how dashing he looked in his pinstripe pants and red shirt/tie combo. He returned the favor and assured me that the shape I'm in is the shape he likes.

If you are driving in our neighborhood and see two tubs rolling down the sidewalk, don't be surprised. It's just us. You'll even see us patting one another on the back commenting on how being portly and circle-shaped actually complements our girlish figures.

3 of Your THINKS:

Mary Ellen said...

With the title and all I thought this was going to be a blog about hosiery or bras or something, it was close. "-)

Somehow, for those of us who not only know you two but know what you two look like, I don't think either of you can ever - in any way, shape or form - be described as portly!!! I don't care how many Super Bowl snacks you ate!

Amy said...

"I'm good enough, I'm smart enough, and dog-gone-it, people like me"--SNL Very funny post!

Debbie said...

This was such a great read, as always. I love the way you bring me right into the story. And hey by the way... I don't believe a word of it when it comes to you two and this portly business. I'll hear none of it! :o)