Friday, February 9

Destination Imagination

We have started one of the most interesting, but also most intense parts of our school year. Both kids are joining their school's Destination Imagination team. This is an activity similar to Odyssey of the Mind and it basically takes teams of kids and teaches them to do higher order thinking and problem solving using creativity and teamwork.

Brainy Boy was the only one to participate this last year, but now a fourth grader, Little Chic has realized that this is sort of a "club" and she is all in to it. The bonus for her is that they have lots of meetings, usually two a week, sometimes an extra on Saturday. That's the drawback part of it for Brainy Boy - he just lives for competition day.

They have a team of 8 and they have chosen one of several challenges - CSI:DI. The focus is on Theater Arts (playwriting, technical design, construction) as well as the innovation and design process, investigative techniques, deductive reasoning and teamwork.

Their team has to develop and present an original story about the investigation of a case, the supporting evidence and the resolution of the case. They have to include a colorful character and shadowy character in the story. The have to use innovative methods to produce a theatrical CSI effect by using color, shadow and/or illumination. They have to design and build a gadget that uses one or more of the properties of visible light coming from or into the gadget to reveal or analyze at least one piece of physical evidence. Last they have to create two side trips and intehrate them into the presentation.

On competition day they have to complete the presentation (including set up) in eight minutes. The total value of materials may not exceed $150. The kicker - On competition day, every team member and the adult team manager have to sign a Declaration of Independence stating that NO adult help was given, NO adult ideas were given and NO adult contribution of any type was provided. That is none, nada, nothing. They are allowed to have a person come in and teach them things (like how to use a woodworking tool or about the properties of visible light in general) but then they have to apply what they learned on their own. They can't even have a suggestion of any type for the entire period of time they prepare.

Competition day is April 20. I've decided that it's just better for me not to hang around. It drove me nuts keeping my mouth shut last year. After all, the kids are only 9 and 10 years old!

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That sounds like such a great learning experience for the kids. Best wishes Brainy Boy and Little Chic!


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