Thursday, February 15

Casualties of the Snowstorm

We were thrilled with the foot of snow we got on Valentine's Day, but our mailbox didn't survive the enthusiastic job the snowplow did. Hero Muh Main Man attempted to prop it up for the mail carrier to access but it didn't work out so well. Although not visible in the picture, the snowbank is now to the door of the mailbox and it is totally out of reach from the driveway. As a result, we didn't get mail today or yesterday and my phone call to the post office went as such:

ME: I'm calling to let you know that my mailbox was knocked over by the snowplow and the bank is too high for us to put in a new mailbox and the ground is too frozen to put in a new stake. I am just calling to make sure that you have the mail that wasn't delivered for the last two days.

THEM: We have your mail and you have a couple of choices 1) forward your mail to another address, 2) put a hold on your mail and come pick it up here no more than once a week, or 3) rent a post office box for a year for $25 and get your mail the post office.

ME: None of those options work for me. I'd just like to come every day or so and pick up my mail that you can't deliver and I'll replace the mailbox as soon as the snow clears a bit.

THEM: That's not in our policy. They begin to repeat the 3 options they've already given me.

ME: What happens to the mail if you can't deliver it?

THEM: We bring it back to the post office and hold it for ten days. If it's not picked up, we return it to the sender.

ME: So if you can't deliver my mail, I can come pick it up within 10 days?

THEM: Yes.

ME: If I come pick it up but the next day you still can't deliver, what happens to that mail?

THEM: We hold it for ten days.

ME: So I can come pick it up again?

THEM: Yes.

ME: So then why can't I just tell you that this is what I'd like to do.

THEM: It's not within our policy.

Well guess what? It's within MY policy.

6 of Your THINKS:

Mary Ellen said...

Here's an idea for them..when a policy is incredibly stupid and doesn't make sense you change it! The mail is there, in the post office, but they can't just give it to you!!?! How dumb!

Maybe a kind neighbor will let you forward your mail to them and you can then get it each day??

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness, how silly is that. Hope you’re able to get your mail.

Silly question... I was so used to saying Hero Guy and all, now I find it a bit awkward saying Muh Main Man when referring to your husband. Can I just call him M&M's for short?

JenLo said...

O fur sure. Any combination of Ms and we will all know who you are talking about!

Rochelle said...

Ugh. I've had similar inane conversations with the post office. I sympathize!

Panda-Mom said...

Oh my. It is at THIS time of year that I am glad to live in Texas. I can only handle a tad bit of snow....nothing like THAT! ; )

Barb said...

That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Good grief. What if you showed up at the post office and even though your mail's sitting right there, they wouldn't give it to you. I'd jump over the counter and steal my own mail. You have to wonder if they even realize what they're saying. And what's with that snow plow driver? HE should go get your mail for you. :-)