Wednesday, November 8

Mad & Crazy Hunters

Hero Guy, being the avid sportsman that he is, had to have at least one offspring share his enthusiasm for hunting. Brainy Boy can't be bothered sitting in a tree stand for hours on end when you can't chat about the funniest Dilbert comic you just read. He has gladly passed all his camouflage to Little Chic and she readily accompanies Hero Guy whenever he'll let her.

On this particular Saturday trip, they did not see a deer. But they did see a small bobcat. That's pretty unusual around these parts, although not unheard of. The best part for Little Chic is that "Bobcat" is MonsterPaw's given name so she was thrilled to see the real namesake for our own family pet. Hero Guy was thrilled to have an opportunity to gloat about seeing such a sight in the wild. And they didn't even get a picture.

3 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

I had to click on the pic to zoom in; I thought for a moment that was Brainy Boy posing behind Little Chic. She is one amazing gal and I'm happy they got to see "Bobcat", they will never forget the fun day.

Mary Ellen said...

What a cute picture - I had the idea once (after seeing an episode on Little House on the Prarie where Laura goes with her Dad) that I wanted to go hunting with my Dad when we lived in SC but I think he knew I would not be able to keep from talking and I would probably not like it all once he actually shot something!

Crystal Breeze said...

Jennifer its good to know he passing down the love of hunting to somebody!