Tuesday, November 14

Handy Dandy Me

My painting project has come to a temporary close until after the holidays, and I must say I am feeling quite self-satisfied at this point. Hero Guy did supply the initial impetus to get started, and he lent some manpower to the painting of the living room (and I will also give him credit for installing two curtain rods in the living room windows because I didn't trust myself in that high visibility area).

However, Me, Myself & I painted the entryway, the dining room and the hallway, removed and reinstalled all outlet covers, did all the taping and un-taping, spray painted two 16 x 20 picture frames, went on innumerable runs to Lowe's and even bought a couple of replacement face plates for light switches and/or outlet covers which had never been installed in the first place. These are all things I would have previously waited on to have help.

Just to prove I could, I finished the project by installing not 1, not 2, BUT 4 curtain rods my very own self, causing me yet again to ask why I've been living without curtains at my bedroom windows for 11 years. Apparently my ploy at making Hero Guy feel 'needed' didn't have the desired effect--I suppose that only works on those with co-dependent tendencies, which Hero Guy definitely does not have (self-sufficiency is one of the qualities he loves best). And I didn't even make any boo-boos, leaving 'extra' screw holes in the wall when I installed my curtain rods as Hero Guy did with his. And I used the little wall toggle screw-fastener thingys that you are supposed to use, which he also didn't do.

I just might go into the handyman business. Too bad the community college doesn't teach a shop class for wannabe fixer-uppers, although I did find a company that does home parties called Tomboy Tools that comes to your house and teaches you to use their tools and then sells you little girlie-tool kits. It's like The Pampered Chef for home projects!

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Debbie said...

That's impressive you 'Wonder Woman' you!

Mary Ellen said...

Are you for hire!?!?! I've heard of those rent-a-husbands where you can rent someon else's spouse to come to your home and do all the little projects on your list that require some handyman skills - you could be a rent-a-wife handywoman . Most women would feel more comfortable having a woman in their home anyway. Might want to consider switching careers. :-)

Anonymous said...

Mrs. fix-it

you could get a little truck with ladders and everything.
bat removal
vehicle locator

a true one-stop-shop


Thad said...

So, do you do bathroom renovations, too?