Wednesday, November 29

The Bigger The Better

I have been informed that MonsterPaw is highly offended at the size of her Christmas stocking as compared to the one owned by HyperDog. If I remember right, last year we made a mad dash to CVS drug store because it was MonsterPaw's first Christmas with us and we had overlooked the need for her to have a stocking, thus the less than optimum size. I think Little Chic's stocking may have hosted some of the mousy toys Santa left since MonsterPaw's was a bit teeny. It appears that we'll be fixing this little problem to make things a bit more fair, or Little Chic is bound to fret for the next 25 days.

2 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Santa has already made a note of it and will 'get right on it' soon. No worries Little Chic!

Mary Ellen said...

Last night and today I can't see a picture - just a little red box with an "x" in the middle. Anyone else having this problem?

I'm not letting my kids read this post of yours, they'll be wanting to start buying gifts for Tiffany and hanging up a stocking for her! She is too small I guess but has no interest in toys or chewy things. Except for scrunchies, she loves to play with those - go figure!?!?