Monday, November 20

Best of Today

The funniest thing that happened today:
Watching 7 college kids go through Walmart buying their Thanksgiving groceries together debating whether or not Kraft shells & cheese was an appropriate side dish for such a special dinner and then seeing them horrified to learn that a party of their friends had just checked out and gone over their food budget and had to put some of their groceries back.

The grossest thing that happened today:
After returning from my trip to Walmart, I attempted to help HyperDog retrieve her toy from under the couch (she was pawing and whining for it) only to discover it was a real, live mouse cowering under the couch. I lifted up one end of the couch, HyperDog dashed under and took care of our little "problem" in a flash.

The most rewarding thing that happened today:
I used the staple gun for the very first time, ran out of staples and I took myself down to the hardware store and bought a new box of the right kind of staples - imagine that. This was after I hung two pictures each requiring 2 screws, AND I hung them straight the first time all by my lonesome! Another first timer. PLUS, I bought myself my very own measuring tape since Hero Guy's always seems to be in some mystery spot - and he won't know to borrow mine because he does not read this blog.

The hardest thing I did today:
I spent an hour scrubbing a huge iron stain off my shower wall. My weekly scrubbing session has been more of a quick wipe down and our water softener apparently is not making the best use of those Morton salt tablets.

The most repetitive thing that happened today:
Hero Guy came home with his 80th deer this morning (well, the 3rd buck this season, plus the coyote he shot on Saturday). He couldn't understand my lack of enthusiasm.

The most relieving thing I did today:
Cleaned out my one 'junk' cabinet in my kitchen that has been driving me nuts for ages. Bummer that the garbage truck won't be coming this week since my garbage day is Thursday (and they don't run a day late on holidays - they just skip a week).

7 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

Gees Jennifer, that sounds like a months worth of happenings all wrapped up into one day! I'm still trying to devour all that information. Just gots ta say... you are "Super Woman"!

Laurie said...

Wwwwwow! You have been a busy lil beaver today!!! I worked up a sweat just reading this! Phew- I gotta sit down and have another cup of coffee now!

Rochelle said...

I hope our garbage men don't get any new ideas from the NY garbage men! Ours come a day later on holiday weeks.

Funderstorm said...

I've been reading your comments on PandaMom's blog and took the time to check yours out. I'm totally intimidated!! Wow. You are Superwoman! As I scanned your blog it seems we have many things in common. I'll keep stopping by. Can't wait to try the cranberry spread! Happy Thanksgiving!

Mary Ellen said...

While visiting the Walmart in Okeechobee where we were camping this past weekend I got very amused at a large group of teenage girls playing Marco-Polo inside the store. For some reason although their yelling was a teeny bit annoying I found it far funnier that they were playing that game then I found it annoying.

Anonymous said...

I need to borrow Hyperdog to take care of my "little problem!" - Jenn Jones

Janette said...

Am I supposed to scrub my showers weekly??

I understand your lack of enthusiasm. I too have a number of dead animals to contend with. Last year we acquired a lynx (in a full body mount chasing a fully stuffed hare), a martin, two grouse (one ruffed, one spruce), two fox (one red and one cross)and a moose, courtesy of Wade's hunting and trapping prowess. Fortunately, the moose is on loan to Sportsman's Warehouse, but the rest of the animals are in the, hunting shrine. I'm still trying to find a way to make taxidermy receipts tax deductible. (No luck yet.)