Tuesday, June 6

Will Work for Poop

I was flipping through my local Clipper coupon magazine and found an ad for ummm - how to put this delicately - assistance in keeping your yard free from pet waste. Now I do tend to be one for discovering signs with weird offers, but this beats all. For a service plan of your choice, starting at $39 per month, this business owner will come to your yard and take away all the doo-doo your dog has left around the yard. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but in neighborhoods where you 'walk' the dog, it is a customary requirement for you to bring a doggie bag (for deposits, not leftovers) and take your pet's doggy-doo with you. That takes care of all the people who live in neighborhoods. For those who live in a more rural setting with a bit of property (as do I) it isn't necessary to walk the dog and clean up immediately after. I'm assuming that's the market for this particular service.

However, being one of those pet owners with adequate yardage and an electric underground fence, I'm not thinking that a monthly contract will really make my life all that much easier - even with the free bonus visits they'll provide if I sign a six-month contract. First of all, if your yard is big enough for your dog to use as a toilet, it would have to be a lot of humongo poops in order for it to be a real problem- what with the size of a large yard, and the mower mulching it up if it happens upon a pile. Second, if the yard is not very large and/or the dog takes to going in inconvenient places (like under the covered porch when it's raining), it will be problematic to wait for pooper-scooper-serviceman to discard the mess, and so you'll be needing to take care of that yourself anyway.

For those who would be interested in an 'assistance program' such as this, please advise me as to what stage of the contract your yard is in if I'm invited to visit. I'd like to know if it's 'clean diaper' or 'getting smelly' or 'knee high-bring your mukluks' before I accept.

4 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

What I can't imagine is being the person who actually does the job for a living. You go to a dinner party and someone asks you what you do for a living and you have to say a poop-picker-upper? Give me a break!

Anonymous said...

Stranger Job's are out there but then again, do they get any stranger than this, really? I happen to think this one is prize worthy of the title 'Strangest Job Ever' Too funny!!!

- Debbie Stewart

mary ellen said...

I actually know some families who have to de-poop (is that a word?) their yard because their yard is small and their dog is big. It's a good punishment for wrong doing in one house and it's an effective one too they say.

If I had a small yard and a big dog I would probably love the service if I had small kids who played outside often, but like Charlene said - who would want that job?!?!?

evelyn said...

Aren't we have Max-a-million and hr little uhhhh "poops." I knew I loved the girl...grammy