Saturday, May 13

SIGNS of the Times

Bet you've never seen this before:

"Feel free to relax. Your children are welcome to wait in our lobby unsupervized while you tan."

Well, I saw it. For real. Last night when I went to my local tanning salon. Now, I would actually take advantage of this offer being that my kids are almost 9 yrs and 10 yrs, and they would welcome a chance to sit and play their Gameboys uninterrupted while I soak a few rays. They know they'd have a mean mommy if they caused any trouble while I am fake-baking.

But I suppose I figured the receptionist would be hanging around, keeping the kids entertained if needed and out of mischief if required. Apparently cleaning the beds and setting the bed timers while chatting on the phone with your boyfriend requires too much concentration to keep a hairy eyeball on the clients' children while the parent is otherwise occupied. So they say 'We just want you to know, your kids will be 'on their own' but feel free to let them loose!'

As a post-script, I know all about the dangers of tanning, the skin cancer risk, the wrinkle-inducing factors and all that. So no need to lecture. I get regular skin checks by my doctor, nobody is going to be admiring me anyway when I'm 70 (except my honey, who likes my tan) and I have found that cellulite is so much easier to accept when it is tan than when it is white!~

2 of Your THINKS:

Crystal Breeze said...

You know I bet they have had to turn away alot of business and woman cliets especially because them not having someone to watch their children while they tan. I can see from a business stand point where they are coming from.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen, you ruined it for me. I was all set to start my lecture on how I worked for a dermatologist and all the stuff I saw and the MOHS surgeries we performed on people with sun cancer. Even people in their 20's, etc. No seriously though, have you ever tried any of the really good sunless tanners? Knowing what kind of product junkie you are (I am too) I have tried them all and have a few favorites. It helps to keep the tan lasting so you don't have to do the tanning bed or the sun so often and saves some of that skin. Let me know if you want my favorites. Lots of people compliment me and think it is a real tan.