Tuesday, June 6

What's Your Therapy?

I'm not sure how it happened in the assembly line of creation when stress relief techniques were assigned. But the angel in charge of giving me gardening, cleaning and exercise as a means to relieving stress was on break, and the substitute thought it would be funny to give me shopping, eating and web surfing as stress relievers. The plan works like a charm and I tend to spend too much, eat too much and waste way too much time on the 'net if I need to 'chill out'.

This time of year, I hear so many people say how therapeutic gardening is for them, and as my flower beds get ever weedier (the ones I was shamed into creating a couple of summers ago) I pump myself up and tell myself just how relaxed I'm going to be as I zone out and create beauty for my family and me to enjoy. Today I'd had it with the empty flower pots lining my front porch, all shiny and new, ready to be filled with something...anything. I bought them in an attempt to motivate myself into putting something green in the cute little pastel containers complete with the curvy handle that hangs over the top of the railing, suspending them on the front of the porch. After several weeks of procrastinating, my last excuse (frost) is all but over. I had to accept that Memorial Day had come and gone, and I still had nary a plant to brag about. Now you who know me realize I'm a gadget girl, so I have a fully stocked shed complete with every gardening tool - I don't even know what they're all called - but I have them in case I need them.

I finally broke down today, went to the garden center, picked out some cute little plants and I have no idea whether they will survive the week or not. They say sun/shade. Will it be okay if the sun shines on them all day? They fit in the containers, but a bit snugly. Will they suffocate to death? Some of the blooms are dying. Do they need to be plucked? How is it therapy if there isn't someone to keep asking '"nd how do you feel about that?" I feel that it would be better if my flowers were planted by a gardner who actually knew something about gardening.

Then after the planting comes the weeding - pulling stalks, prickers, weeds, roots...things that refuse to come out of the ground and will only be popping their weedy little heads up again in another few days. I mean, what's the point? Instead of feeling relaxed, rejunvenated, serene? I feel anxious, sweaty and itchy. But I continue like a madwoman, performing the equivalent of botanic surgery - well, murder actually, to anything that looks remotely too green and big to possibly be a decorative plant thing.

I've said all this to say, I'm in the market for a gardener in exchange for therapy. I'll be happy to have some beautiful looking plants, and you'll be happy because you're healing your inner self. You go around planting my stuff and pulling my weeds and I'll follow behind you asking "and how do you feel about that?" We'll make a great pair.

5 of Your THINKS:

mrsbeaver said...

You are TOO funny! For gardening to be therapy you need to be able to enjoy the process because many times the product is a bit disappointing. For me it's therapy because I wonder....how would this plant do if I moved it to more sun or more shade? Or can I take plants from the side of the road and grow them in my garden? And I love to attract hummingbirds and butterflys to bright flowers- actaully I like the looks of flowers and plants with neat foilage- BUT if I was bent on success and a Better Homes & Gardens garden- I'd choose shopping!
anyhow, what are the plants that say sun & shade? it might make a difference. All day sun gets pretty hot- if they're in small containers though you could move them around, it would be about as relaxing as caring for a newborn, LOL!!

maryellen said...

I wish so badly that when I was a kid I had followed our dear Grandma O around and learned from her about plants and gardening because I would LOVE to know more about it. I do really well with my indoor plants, and I learn a lot from my sister Brenda (who is really good at it) but I think it is something I would really enjoy and wish I knew more about. I'm with you though, if I'm stressing out about the plant it isn't too relaxing!

Debbie said...

Talk about therapy. I just loved the last punch "and how do you feel about that?" I'm still getting quite a chuckle out of this one.

I think my cobb webbs are clean and you may visit me now.

- Debbie Stewart

Wm said...

You must check out the website and the book from www.squarefootgardening.com. I have fascinated by this and am reading the book and getting ready to help the kids do one of these. Just make sure you get the "All New Square Foot Gardening" and not the early version.

Anonymous said...

You may want to check out this website - for gardening and shopping! www.therapyrocks.com