Monday, March 13

Levels of Pathetic

I realize that I have just stooped to a new level of pathetic. But I'm really liking it down here--it makes me happy. I've always been a sucker for "gadgets", unusual finds, and I watch with drooling tongue anything new that comes on an infomercial, especially if it has to do with fitness, beauty or make-your-life easier.

When we got our cat 2 summers ago, I toyed with an idea I found on the internet--toilet training your cat. The process was long, involved and not guaranteed to work, and since our cat took right to the litter box, I decided not to bother. And THEN, while getting turtle food at Pet Depot, this little jewel practically jumped off the shelf into my hands. It is the Kitty Whiz, a little device for the bargain price of $12.95 that will practically perform the toilet training for you. You basically fit the plastic shield over the toilet, pour kitty litter into the closed-in bottom and the cat will magically want to use the toilet just like his humans. Hmmmmm. They suggest that you actually get rid of the real litter box and lock the cat in the bathroom with the Kitty Whiz until it has to go so badly that its legs are crossed, but our cat has never had any accidents and I'm afraid it will traumatize her into taking to the carpets.

Tonight I tore into the directions, got everything all set up and called to Bobcat to come see what I bought her. She acted very interested in sniffing the new contraption, but I am pretty sure it was the scent of the catnip they included to make the whizzer more enticing. She about clawed my arms off trying to escape from me when I set her atop the toilet seat. After all, she is one that does not appreciate others giving her direction and besides, the water wasn't swirling, so she had no interest in cooperating. I'm hoping the whizzer will give us lots of success as potty training my kids was not an easy accomplishment of my early parenthood.

The bad part of all this is that I am never going to live it down. My friend Paij tells everyone to ask me before they buy a newly advertised item because I will have tried it and its alternative, and I can tell you where to get it and for what best price. I guess I'm going to have to rename her "busts-my-chops-for-having-tried-every-product-under-the-sun" Paij.

5 of Your THINKS:

meh said...

Well, it uh, looks interesting.

Let us know how it goes, and if that works...maybe you can start on the dog!

Anonymous said...

I've heard some really great results from using that method. I think it is definitely worth a shot. Please do let us know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

oops, that was me...

- Debbie Stewart

Crystal Breeze said...

Jen you are going to have to let me know if this really works. Our cat Chloe really likes our toliet and if your cat does well at it we might try it too.

Although our older cat Soxie might not like the ideal. Do you eventually stop using liter and they start going in the water?

Anonymous said...

Yes Jen, you are one who always has to try the newest thing. In fact, we learned about people like you in my Marketing classes in college. Some people wait until a product is tried and tested but others, like yourself, must be the first to get it off the shelf. I, on the other hand am somewhat of a skeptic so I have to wait until I'm finally convinced I need it only to find it is being made any more! :) abb