Wednesday, April 5

See what I mean?

This is Brigitte in her earlier days (from my earlier post today). I'd like to teach my kids to present themselves the best they can, but really, it's just an afterthought, not the real deal like the inside is. Thanks bro, for the lead. I was going to look up a "young pic" of Brigitte when I posted, but was too lazy to do it myself.

2 of Your THINKS:

meh said...

Wow, that is amazing - nothing the least bit familiar from one photo to the next. I'm with you all the way on this one Jen - I think it is incredibly sad when a girl, or guy, has themselves so wrapped up in the way they look because I have yet to know someone who is that way on the outside but also a truly beautiful person on the inside. It's exactly like you said, when that is the most important thing to someone it shows because the inside does not match the outside because it has been neglected. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look nice or with taking care of ourselves or nothing wrong with wanting to look hip as long as your still modest and it should not the most important thing or an all consuming thing. It's always so sad to me to see someone whose only value is in their looks, it's so shallow and so insignificant. That was a great post!

Anonymous said...

For some reason, I can't see the pic. but I'm sure the message is there for everyone else who can see.

P.S. - I just finished reading your story about the "Red Roses" - I don't know why I did not see it before but I still have difficulty getting some of your posts when you post.

Anyway, I just wanted to say how beautiful that was. You and John are wonderful parents that are in tune with your children and see what they need. I'm sure those carnations/roses will stay in her memory forever. What beautiful tallent she has and hopefully we will all be able to enjoy her singing one day.

- Debbie Stewart