Sunday, November 29

Thanksgiving 2009

We had an awesomely good Thanksgiving week - although it was just the four of us. We stayed home as we have travel plans for Florida during Christmas week, so we stayed put for Thanksgiving. It was laid back, calm and completely stress free. I underachieved a bit and didn't even get my tree up--although I did get some Christmas shopping done.

My workout schedule was -
Sunday - Ran 4 miles (10:51 pace)
Monday - kickboxed 1 hr.
Tuesday - strength trained with personal trainer 1 hr
Wed - off
Thurs - Ran 4 miles before dinner (10:33 pace)
Friday - strength trained with personal trainer 1 hr
Sat - off
Sunday (11/28) - ran 4 miles (10:32 pace)

This week I'll add .5 miles and make my runs 4.5 miles. That will officially be the furthest distance I've ever run without stopping for a walk break. Once I get to 5 miles, I have a pre-training schedule I'll do for about 4 weeks before I start in on my half marathon training regimen.

Thanksgiving dinner was yummalicious. With just the four of us, I got approval from the fam to do cornish game hens rather than a turkey. They seemed to like having their own chicken, all except for Little Chic who needed me to take it off her plate and bring her the meat--she didn't like seeing where the head used to be attached ;) We did all the traditional trimmings including sweet potato casserole, and a new glazed walnut cornbread stuffing that I swear I'm going to make every year from now on. Fortunately the last of the leftovers are gone so I can begin running the 3 lbs off that I put on in the last three days!

Menu for this week:

Sunday - Stromboli
Monday - Mexican layered bake
Tuesday - Ham & potato casserole
Wed - BBQ ribs
Thurs - Spaghetti with meat sauce
Fri - Chicken & whole wheat pasta

3 of Your THINKS:

Suzy said...

Happy Thanksgiving (a little late). It can be nice to stay home for the holidays. Way to go with the running. Did I miss it? What half are you training for?

Suzy said...

Treadmills suck, there is no getting around it. I think they are necessary because without it I'd only run once a week. Outside I settle into a comfortable pace between mile marks 1 and 2. On the treadmill I never seem to settle in at all, and my ITB is much tighter after being on the treadmill. Give it time and hope for an early spring. :)

Suzy said...

I miss your blogging so I tagged you. Check my blog for info.