Thursday, November 5

Long Lost Ambition

In lieu of not blogging at all, as I've been prone to do for the last year I'm toying with the idea of using my blog to indulge myself for a while in journaling the current happenings of my life--though they won't be of much interest to anybody else, I'm sure.

I will probably keep things like my weekly menus, perhaps my workout schedule and progress log and maybe some other riffraff that only I care about. You're certainly invited to snoop about, although the fodder won't be very compelling.

It will, however, give me something to look back at when I'm old & decrepit (you know, like old picture albums and remember the "good old days" ;)

3 of Your THINKS:

Molly said...

I started blogging to make some sense about what's going on in my brain, and now I think I've found some kind of pattern to it, and am surprised that others like to read it! A friend of mine used her blog to chronicle her battle with infertility, and made a hardcover book about it!

Suzy said...

I think it is a great idea! I have a blog like that and then I branched out and started a running blog as well. You never know what you'll write and people will read it if you write!

Jennifer Pedersen said...

Hey Jen,
You'll stay in my google reader so I'll be reading whatever you decide to write. However, I AM hoping that once in awhile you'll blog like you used to...your posts always made me laugh.