Sunday, November 29

Thanksgiving 2009

We had an awesomely good Thanksgiving week - although it was just the four of us. We stayed home as we have travel plans for Florida during Christmas week, so we stayed put for Thanksgiving. It was laid back, calm and completely stress free. I underachieved a bit and didn't even get my tree up--although I did get some Christmas shopping done.

My workout schedule was -
Sunday - Ran 4 miles (10:51 pace)
Monday - kickboxed 1 hr.
Tuesday - strength trained with personal trainer 1 hr
Wed - off
Thurs - Ran 4 miles before dinner (10:33 pace)
Friday - strength trained with personal trainer 1 hr
Sat - off
Sunday (11/28) - ran 4 miles (10:32 pace)

This week I'll add .5 miles and make my runs 4.5 miles. That will officially be the furthest distance I've ever run without stopping for a walk break. Once I get to 5 miles, I have a pre-training schedule I'll do for about 4 weeks before I start in on my half marathon training regimen.

Thanksgiving dinner was yummalicious. With just the four of us, I got approval from the fam to do cornish game hens rather than a turkey. They seemed to like having their own chicken, all except for Little Chic who needed me to take it off her plate and bring her the meat--she didn't like seeing where the head used to be attached ;) We did all the traditional trimmings including sweet potato casserole, and a new glazed walnut cornbread stuffing that I swear I'm going to make every year from now on. Fortunately the last of the leftovers are gone so I can begin running the 3 lbs off that I put on in the last three days!

Menu for this week:

Sunday - Stromboli
Monday - Mexican layered bake
Tuesday - Ham & potato casserole
Wed - BBQ ribs
Thurs - Spaghetti with meat sauce
Fri - Chicken & whole wheat pasta

Tuesday, November 17

Interlaken Steeple Chase

I did my first 5k race on Saturday, Nov. 14 a few miles outside Ithaca, NY. It was only slightly nerve-wracking. I got up early, drove up all by myself and ran, not knowing a soul. Fortunately I have been to two other races(though not alone) so I did have an idea of what to expect. I had to leave my cheering section at home--the race was too far away to leave the kiddos at home for hubby to come along, and our wrestler had practice, so I couldn't bring the whole crew. The stakes were high -- the other two races I've done involved a lot of walking...,my goal for this hilly course was to run the whole thing.

Happily I met my goal of running the whole way, -- not fast, but with toenails matching my running gear (it actually wasn't planned!) My time was 33:38 though I would have preferred a time of about 3 minutes faster. Hubby obliged me with a picture, but I think he was a bit anxious to get out to the tree stand for hunting--thus the blur.

Sunday, November 8

Weekend Warriors

We've had our washer and dryer off our kitchen since we built our house, but we have sorely missed having a proper coat/boot closet, especially in the winter time, since you enter right into our house. We don't have a mud room or entry where we can take off boots and wet clothes. To solve the problem, we moved our laundry to our basement and my sweet hubby installed all sorts of shelving and a coat rack for me. He gets extra brownie points for doing it in the midst of deer season! Little Chic and I painted the walls before he got started.

Saturday, November 7

Week ending 11/7

Workout schedule for this last week
Monday kickboxed & ran 2.75 mi
Tuesday 1 hour strength training
Wednesday ran 2.75 mi
Thursday 1 hour strength training
Friday kickboxed
Saturday ran 2.75 mi (hit my best pace 9:55/mi)

I'm excited to run my first ever 5k this next Saturday, 11/14. Since is so blasted cold around here, the running season is pretty much over, so I have to drive past Ithaca to do it, but I've been looking for a race, and this is pretty much all there is to choose from. It's the Interlaken Steeple Chase put on by a church in the small town of Interlaken

Menu for next week:
Sunday evening dinner-Chicken parmigiana (my kids' favorite meal)
Monday-Beef & Broccoli soup, Sandra Lee
Tues-Tortilla bake, Kraft Food & Family (PTA meeting night, 6:30pm)
Wed-Chicken linguine with creamy pesto, Sandra Lee (Choir practice night, 6:15pm)
Thurs-Mac & Cheese with salad (Leadership team meeting night, 7pm)
Friday-Stromboli (Wildtree Herbs party, 7pm)

Because of adding running to my workout schedule, my grocery routine is all goofed up and I keep having to go on Saturdays (like today). I have to figure that out because that's a pain.

This week starts Brainy Boy's wrestling practice. I pick him up every day at 5:30 after I drop Little Chic off for musical practice at 5:00. Then it's back to get her at 7pm. Luckily her musical is over on the 19th!

Little Chic gets to take her babysitting course at the American Red Cross this week. Wednesday is Veteran's Day and the kids have off school, so she is going to spend 9:00-4:30 learning all about taking care of kids. She has been bugging me for ages to sign her up, so she is gladly sacrificing the day off to be in a classroom.

Lots going on this week--the District Superintendent is coming Monday night to spend the night to hunt with Muh Main Man on Tuesday, I have PTA and Leadership meetings as well as choir practice and I'm hosting a Wildtree Herbs party Friday night. Then Saturday morning I'll be up bright and early to drive to my 5K. I'm beginning to wonder why I do this to myself!

Thursday, November 5

Long Lost Ambition

In lieu of not blogging at all, as I've been prone to do for the last year I'm toying with the idea of using my blog to indulge myself for a while in journaling the current happenings of my life--though they won't be of much interest to anybody else, I'm sure.

I will probably keep things like my weekly menus, perhaps my workout schedule and progress log and maybe some other riffraff that only I care about. You're certainly invited to snoop about, although the fodder won't be very compelling.

It will, however, give me something to look back at when I'm old & decrepit (you know, like old picture albums and remember the "good old days" ;)

Thursday, September 10

Team Crystal

My friends, Angela & Sue and I will be at the ARC of Onondaga County's Half Marathon on Saturday, September 12, 2009. I'm participating in memory of my sweet friend, Crystal, who had wanted to join in the next time I did a half marathon. When we talked about it back in April, I certainly thought we'd be doing one together more than just in spirit. I had found this race and was contemplating entering, but I hadn't even had a chance to ask her to join me before she died. I decided to participate the day I found out about her death, in her memory. Thanks to my sister, of Camie Designs, for providing this cute logo for me to wear on my shirt.

Wednesday, July 8

Goodbye, My Friend, Crystal

Crystal & Jennifer chatting it up at Jackson's Pumpkin Farm, Fall 1999.

Crystal has been one of my best buds since we met and immediately hit it off in February of 1999 when I began attending Owego Nazarene Church. She was eight years younger than me, but we had so much in common: we lived on the same road and had kids almost the exact same age, and her personality complimented mine to a "T". We quickly began hanging out every day, doing fun stuff with the kids by day and scrapbooking or crafting by night.

It put a big dent in our face-time when she and her husband moved several towns away but our friendship endured and we regularly found a way to get together and kept in steady contact as our kids got older and we moved on through our stages of life.

I was heartbroken when I learned this morning that my good friend, Crystal, died in a car accident. She was driving with her youngest boy, Ethan, when another driver hit her head-on. We are praying for Ethan to fully recover from his injuries and for her other two kids, James and Madalyn. Crystal also left behind her husband Thad, who she always described to me as "the love of her life."

I'm sure I will always have a Crystal-shaped hole in my heart.

Tuesday, June 2

Seems Like Just Yesterday

Happy 20th Anniversary, Sweets! Thanks for lettin' me marry you!

Monday, May 18

Happy Birthday to a Pretty Fantastic Guy

Muh Main Man turned 45 today, and Little Chic wrote a special poem for him. It was so sweet and we both got quite a kick out of it, especially since she inherited her dad's creative spelling.


Fauthers fix broken hearts
Fauthers fill our brains with smarts.

Fauthers wipe away our tears
Fauthers ears can always hear.

Fauthers know just what to say
Fauthers make all the sadness go away.

Some are sweet and some are kind
Some are cruil and wack your behind!

Daddy, you'r the best
And you beat the rest.

She's a daddy's girl, that one! And fortunately she also inherited her mom's love for the proper use of an apostrophe.

Sunday, April 12

Wednesday, April 8

Little Chic's New Do

I have been bugging Little Chic to cut her waist-length hair for a long time. She did take about 4 inches off it about two months ago, and ever since, has been toying with the idea of something drastic and cool. Today was the day! I love it, but it's a little sad too--seeing how it makes her look all mature and teenager-ish.

Tuesday, February 17

Jennifer Needs

This little narcissistic activity can turn out to be kinda hilarious. You Google your first name followed by the word "needs" i.e., "Jennifer needs" and see what results come up. A few of mine were not family-friendly blog-worthy, but here were some of the ones that were:

Jennifer needs a smack daddy (defined in Urban Dictionary as "somebody who's keepin' it real; a friend)

Jennifer needs to give birth in the next week

Jennifer needs to play by the rules

Jennifer needs to accept that she's gained what looks like some major pounds

Jennifer needs a muzzle.

Let's just hope the Jennifers that Google gossips about have last names that start with "Aniston" and "Lopez" rather than "O" !!