Friday, February 1

Dictated Down Time

Since the kiddos have been sick all week, and I am fortunate enough to stay home with them instead of packing them off to a babysitter while I work, we've done all sorts of things we don't usually do.

I've watched countless episodes of the Colbert Report with Brainy Boy. He gets so tickled at the satire, but occasionally we do have to switch the channel if it gets inappropriate.

I spent almost one day laying on the bed, keeping Little Chic company while we watched rented movies. She really loved that.

We stayed in our jammies more than one day this week, although it did drive me nuts after a while and I had to get a shower and get dressed. The kids just switched from an old pair of jammies to a fresh pair after their showers.

It was nice to have a week to dote on them since we were pretty much housebound. There were no distractions of having to keep a schedule or rush around to our various activities. And Muh Main Man did let me escape several nights to do errands while he took over the nursing duties.

Today if the Short People were feeling better (which they are) I planned to send them to school for a couple of hours to get back in the groove. Alas, we have an ice storm and thus a snow day. It has been a needed break from the routine but I admit I'm itching to get back into a regular schedule.

4 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

So happy to hear the Short People are feeling better. Bob wanted to get to work by this afternoon but it seems this weather is not going to break for him. And I prefer he not drive the 30 min. it takes him to get there either, too many hills where we live for this mess.

Anonymous said...

IT's SO great to know you are home with them though. Whey my boys are sick, it's a great excuse to cuddle hang out in jammies and just do NOTHING!

Although, with no school today we did this LOL!


Susanna Joy said...

I'm also making the unofficial "mom diagnosis" that my hubby and 3 year old have the flu. Though I don't quite have your credentials. But I do have WebMD and the CDC website. And intuition. So... we're playing the happy nurse here, too. It's such a blessing that you're able to be home and care for them. I listened to a surgeon at Johns Hopkins talk about her career, and she said she was never once able to stay home when her two little ones were sick. Not one time. It brought tears to my eyes...

laurie said...

I'm glad you didn't get sick in all of your nursing. Mine are on the mend. Katlyn went back to school but Austin is still down and hitting the videos pretty hard. He is still in alot of pain and has swelling yet. He just came to me with a note that said, "We are all out of ice cream!!" I guess I need to make a run to the store again.