Saturday, February 16

Mission Half Accomplished

I have a goal during this upcoming week of Winter Break from school. I've been intending to repaint the kids bathroom for a while now. I have no idea what those Short People do when they're in there, but the walls certainly look lived on. And then some. I've been putting off the paint job because....well, that's just what I do. But also because that bathroom is the one room in my house where I have a wall border. I'm not a huge wallpaper fan, but I experimented with a wall border in there a few years ago and I've dreaded getting it down.

But surprisingly, some peeling and spraying of warm water and scraping with a plastic scraper got the job done. Who knew those little brown plastic scrapers that come with your Pampered Chef stoneware work for more than getting food off pizza stones?

Of course, I have yet to actually pick out the paint but the new shower curtain is sitting on the counter and my nifty Tomboy Tools paintbrushes are rarin' to go, so I'll get right to it Monday morning, no doubt. That will be in between the paintball games, before the sleepovers, after the movies, the lunches out and all the other things on the agenda for the week. I've got plenty of time...fer shur.

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Debbie said...

Just love the feel of those brushes, ENJOY them you wonder woman you!