Sunday, February 17

Hidden Blessing

Brainy Boy has been agonizing at the mailbox every day when the coveted paintball gun that Muh Main Man won on Ebay last weekend did not arrive. Each and every day. We have exchanged numerous emails with Mr. Seller who assured us the paintball gun was on its way. Mysteriously today, we got a Paypal refund for the amount of the purchase price with a vague explanation about shipping problems. Nice. Explain that to Brainy Boy who schemed all week about gloating in front of his boy buddies during the paintball game tomorrow. Thus the discussion about pride and destruction and the haughty spirit before crashing and burning...or falling as Proverbs puts it.

Mean Mom was going to make him wait until his birthday to rectify the issue, good and proper as was the original plan. BUT as always Muh Main Man and his instant gratification tendencies came to the rescue. He again bid and won. This time a better gun for less money. And that always makes me happy.

Hopefully this time all will go without a hitch and we'll be arming our child with a weapon of destruction soon enough.

4 of Your THINKS:

Rochelle said...

Hey I've got an idea...Maybe you could set Brainy Boy loose with the paintball gun in his bathroom & get the painting started for ya! Hee hee!

Debbie said...

Good for Brainy Boy! I'm sure he's twice as eager to get his new toy now!

Allana Martian said...

I guess you can't come between a boy and the toy that will shorten the gap between boyhood and being a man!

Alexandria said...

What happened seriously sucks. I wonder what those "shipping problems" were. I'm glad your son will be able to still show off a new paintball gun lol.