Friday, February 29

Happy Day, Leapsters!

I have to say that I don't believe I have ever met a single person who had a February 29th birthday. What's the chance of that when my brother and I share a birthday (2 years apart) and my sister's is 10 days before ours (2 years later)?!

I just couldn't pass up the chance to post something today, since I won't be posting again on this date for another four years. Frankly, it's downright weird to think that I could still be blogging in another four years.

4 of Your THINKS:

Laura said...

Got me thinking of birthday patterns. My father, cousin and eldest son all share a birthday.

I know a familyof 6 kids and 4 celebrate within 3 days of each other and the other 2 are only 4 days apart...ends up all were conceived when the mine shift changed from days to nights...oarents were busy those nights off!!!

Paula said...

I bet we'll be blogging in four years! Love your new look and your profile picture! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. You're a faithful blogging friend, that's for sure. Thanks for the link to Living Fruity!

LindaJo49 said...

Actually, I have a first cousin who was born in leap year -- we used to tease her growing up that she was 4 when she was actually 16, etc.

Allana Martian said...

My neighbor's son's birthday is Feb. 29th. And yes, it's fun to tease him. Poor thing.