Thursday, February 21

Goin' Hungry...On Purpose

Brainy Boy is taking part in his first real grown-up act of supporting a mission cause tomorrow night. He, along with his youth group, are taking part in the 30-hour famine. It's a youth event sponsored by World Vision for the cause of world hunger.

The idea is that the kids get sponsors to donate money to help feed hungry children across the world, and learn a lesson in compassion at the same time. The kids, in conjunction with a night of fun activities, will be fasting for a whole 30 hours!!

Brainy Boy is just barely old enough to take part (you should be 12, and he will be in about 10 weeks) but he seems to really be looking forward to it. I'd like to think he's excited about the prospect of seeing what it's like to truly be hungry, but I suspect that playing paintball again as part of the activities of the night, is generating most of the enthusiasm.

If you are inclined to support this event tomorrow night, drop me a line, and I'll tell you how to give a tax-deductible gift to World Vision through the youth group.

Above is THE paintball gun...the one he has been dying to get into his hands since the winning bid took place on Ebay. It's the one he'll be using tomorrow night. You know, to help fight world hunger.

4 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

What a great idea for the kids! One can never understand unless they've been there, done that. And I know that 30 hour window will give them incite as to how it feels to be hungry. Have fun Eric, I know he's going to have a great time with that new paint ball machine!

Alexandria said...

I wish your son lots of luck! I envy those who are able to participate in the 30 Hour Famine. I'm medically unable to :-(

I really like the reasoning behind the 30 Hour Famine. It teaches kids (and adults) a lot.

Mary Ellen said...

Go cousin "E" - have fun....and go get 'em!!

Laura said...

Good luck....what a wonderful cause and way to show support.