Tuesday, February 26

Dunkin Donuts To the Rescue

Perhaps in honor of Starbucks closing for some special barista training today, Dunkin' Donuts is practically giving their small lattes away for .99 cents! Or perhaps it's in sympathy for all the northeastern parents who, after triumphing through a week of winter break from school, will more than likely greet their wee ones with an early release from school today due to a winter storm that is fast approaching.

It's from 1:00 pm to 10:00 pm today only, which corresponds nicely with the 5:30 p.m. closing of Starbucks for three hours of emergency training on how to spiff up their processes. Or something or other.

So find your closest location, haul it over to get any variety of a small latte and sip in oblivion while your kids hoot & holler about an extra hour to track in snow and ice all over your floors! You won't even mind the mess.

5 of Your THINKS:

Mary Ellen said...

Didn't know the Starbucks closing/training thing was everywhere - Travis (Lenita's oldest) works there and I knew his was going to be doing the closing/training thing locally but didn't realize it was everywhere.

Smart of DD to do that little marketing ploy - dumb of Starbucks to announce their early closing! ha!

Debbie said...

Hmmmm, Can't figure out what posses Starbucks to do this sort of thing during the "winter" months? But good for DD, smart move! And I'm stoked about the winter storm!

Stephen Ley said...

Thanks for that tip! Dunkin's coffee is better than Starbucks anyway imho. We're bracing for a winter storm too. It might get down in the 50s tomorrow night.

Allana Martian said...

I missed it, but I would have bought the latte just to smell it and eaten a donut instead. Me and coffee don't agree! Gotta love the smell of it, though!

Laurie said...

Baaahahha! You're a less-MeanMom than me, Baby! I had to back and read several of your posts that I'd missed and saw you are now an ared and dangerous fam!!!! Can I tell you? We rue the day we ever decided to let the boys get their airsoft guns...broken windows, holes in thre siding and various other unmoving obstacles and permanently embedded in the soles of our feet and every other imaginable crevice in the house and car...we have sworn off the things! AARRGGH!
And how on earth did I miss that latte special at D&D? Oh Man! I'm glad Starbucks is doing some extra training with its employees...after Spilled the Beans, I got spoiled and remember what an awesome latte tastes like, and Starbuck's just doesn't give me the warm-fuzzies. Have a good week, Sweetie!