Thursday, December 4


During a day of too much heavy stuff, THIS made me laugh out loud.

PS - Stuff Christians Like is a parody site that finds the humor in some of the things that are common among Christians and/or churches. It's meant to be all in fun.

Thursday, November 27

We are Thankful!

For girls who like to help mom cook! (And for Thirty One Gifts where you can get adorable monogrammed aprons!)

For doctor's who give special treatment to their favorite patients (and figure out that Muh Main Man has pneumonia, just a few short hours before Thanksgiving dinner).

For grace and blessings that have given us the life we are living. Blessings to each of you on this Thanksgiving Day 2008!

Sunday, November 23

She Makes Her Daddy Proud

Little Chic got her first deer! She dropped it in its tracks and dragged it down the hill all by herself--all 106 pounds of it! I'm not sure who was more excited--her or Muh Main Man!

Tuesday, October 14

All the Proof You're Gonna Get

As I claimed a few weeks ago, that would be me risking my life to face my incredible fear of height. Well, and maybe to impress you a little. It's me on Jacob's Ladder on the Alpine Tower, Baby.

I Wanna Win. You Wanna Win?

It's about time for me to get a new purse. After all, I get one new one every season, carry it with everything, get sick of it just in time for the weather to change and get a new one. I never keep them and I don't carry them again. Neither do I spend much on them. TJ Maxx is usually my go-to place for cheap, chic handbags.

But now there's something better - FREE! Handbag is giving away these really cute purses. This is the one I covet. Is it really coveting if you only want it from a web site and not another person? Perhaps it is. I'll have to look into that. Until I do, I covet this one.

Go enter for your own at Handbag Planet or even take pity and win for me. So I don't have to covet from you. Yeah, I like that idea.

Tuesday, September 30

My Favorite Three

Thanks to my good friend, Polly for recommending them to me, these are my all-time three favorite books. They are the only books I ever remember reading more than once. I just re-read them and finished the third one last night, under Brainy Boy's jealous gaze. I actually had to rush through the last few pages because he was trying to snatch it out of my hand. Of the three, the Giver is my #1 favorite because it makes me think about what it would have been like if God hadn't given us a free will.

If you try one out, the only rule is that the Messenger needs to go last. Between the other two, it doesn't matter which you read first.

Monday, September 29

Mother Daughter Weekend at El Rancho

This weekend, Little Chic and I went to a local Christian ranch and did all sorts of camp-y stuff. Besides the trail ride on the horses, the 55-foot Alpine Tower was definitely the experience of the weekend. I will brag a bit and say that I was the only non-kid who made it to the top of the tower via the most difficult moving path, Jacob's Ladder. Here's Little Chic showing me how it's done. My own proof is on Girlfriend's camera. Perhaps I'll post my own feat when she sends me the picture. We also rode the 45-foot Alpine swing, which took much less effort and a lot more courage for those of us who are terrified of heights.

For those who didn't get the thrill of the tower, we also did the typical camp stuff like making stuff in the craft cottage, taking a moonlit hayride and eating S'mores around the camp fire. Oh, and not being able to sleep in the cabin with 9 other people snoring, getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and whispering long after lights were out ;) That would explain the 3-hour nap I took when I got home yesterday morning!

Sunday, September 21

Us Four

It's nice to have talented friends with cameras! These pics were taken during our LittleChurch Group today (small group from church) by my overachiever girlfriend who hosted the group, fixed some of the food and then took family pics of everybody that was there. Somehow she found time to convert one into black & white. And she even has to work tomorrow.

Friday, September 19

From the Front Lines of Middle School

Brainy Boy started at the middle school for 7th grade this year. Let me tell ya, it's a whole different world over there! Among the myriad of changes including a variety of teachers' expectations, locker combinations and starting school at 7:30 a.m., a new awareness of physical appearance has also come into existence.

The most recent problem occurred this morning while getting ready for school. From the bathroom I hear....

"Ma, can you do something about my eyebrows? They're fusing together."

If that's the hardest problem I get, I'm in great shape.

Thursday, September 18

Little Chic is 11

My sweet girl is turning 11 today. It's hard to grasp that she is in 6th grade. I remember being that age and I think of myself being SO much older at that stage than she is! She has been commenting all week to everyone that we see that "nothing special is happening on Thursday." It behooves us all to ask why that is, just to see the satisfaction on her face when she gets to "remind" us all that it's her birthday. As if we could forget. We'll be going to dinner tonight where we will coyly inform the waitress that it's "somebody's" birthday and Little Chic can act like she doesn't really want anybody to know. And she'll be thrilled when they bring her a special dessert and sing the restaurant theme song to her in front of everybody. But only on the inside. She'll act like she can't imagine HOW in the world these strangers know it's her birthday and that it's just so embarrassing. I love that about her.

This girl is definitely the one who keeps the music in our family. She wakes up chipper with a song in her head and sets the mood of happiness and a carefree spirit for the rest of the day. She is the most thoughtful of children that I've ever met and her little life is lived with compassion and joy.

I have become a better person for having the privilege of being her mom.

Wishing Harry Well

This guy, Harry Brown, is my uncle, although at only 10 years older than me, he was more of an older brother when I was growing up. He is having surgery today for a large cancerous tumor and we're asking for mercy from God for a good outcome and prognosis.

At Number 9 out of 10 children, he is dearly loved by his kids and his wife, Ela, lots of siblings, nieces, nephews and extended family. Some of his family members are with him today as well as a few close friends who are waiting anxiously to hear the results of his surgery. I wish I could be there.

I'm asking you to remember him too, and think of us all today as we are praying for a miracle.

Wednesday, September 17

Will Blog for Prizes

Janet, who blogs over at Across the Page gave me an award today! Believe me. It's been AGES since I've won anything. And I haven't even been attentive to Ya'll. I don't fancy myself creative, but I do like creations of all sorts. So "Awwww, Thanks, Janet!"

Sunday, August 31

Nature Lovin' It

We trekked out for an annual camping trip with friends last week. We usually make several trips a summer to the Adirondack forest, but time was seemingly short this summer--so we settled for one lone trip.We spent the first night in Muh Main Man's hunting cabin near Long Lake and then proceeded to our camp site on the water at Cranberry Lake where our buddies were waiting for us.

DogSpot even had a friend as our camping partners brought along their dog as well.

We spent six days chillin' in the boat, cooking over the camp stove, making S'mores around the campfire at night...all the usual thrills of being in the outdoors without technology and the responsibilities of home life. It was suprising that more than a few of the trees have already begun to change colors. I'm sure that's due to the fact that nights are reguarly in the 40s and we had two nights in the 30-degree range. Fortunately our camper is a bit more insulated than tents would be, so we fared fairly well.

It was a little sad to come home being that it was our only one for the season. I'm especially glum because of the pile of laundry that is nigh the height of Bear Mountain that we hiked one afternoon. I dare say the laundry will take longer to complete than our hike did.

We are back just in time to finish a few last minute school preparations and then the Juniors will be back in school on Wednesday--Little Chic in 6th grade and Brainy Boy over at the middle school in 7th. Sometimes the end of summer comes and I'm glad to get back into the swing of a routine, but I'm don't feel quite ready for this summer to end. This time it seems like there should be a little more to enjoy.

Thursday, August 21

Pretty Bedrooms

Here are a couple more pics that I took as I progressed through the finishing touches of the kids bedrooms.
It's scary that I actually painted these canvases for Brainy Boy's walls! Who knew I was so geometrically gifted ?!
For Little Chic's room, we started with a light tan wall and added chocolate brown and fuschia accents, like this wavy frame I painted around the wall calendar. She drew the shape and I painted it on the wall.
This was the door frame and some color blocks in progress. If I say so myself, I did a fantabulous job not getting paint on any woodwork, ceilings or carpet--without taping. You'd think I'd done this a few times.

We scattered color blocks of various sizes in brown and fuschia by order of Little Chic's design.

Luckily, we are all pretty happy with the results.

Monday, August 11

Room in Progress

Here are a few pics of the activity last week for Little Chic's room (which she loved when she got home from camp, by the way). It's not totally complete, but every day we work on a few more details. We'll have to see how faithful I am at uploading pictures so that I can post the pretties ;)

The room started out something like this...

...and it's shaping up something like this...I was a little wary about what we were gong to do with dark brown and hot pink, but it's pretty cute after all. I did put my foot down and refused to paint the walls solid pink and brown, but I bought the bedside table and painted it and also painted the top and knobs of the white dresser. The wall color is kind of a tan and today I put some brown and pink paint details on the walls. We don't have anything hung back up on the walls, but it's getting close!

I was a nervous wreck when I was putting chocolate colored paint on this white dresser! I actually had to paint it twice since the first time, I did not sand and prime it like my girlfriend told me to. The next day as I was measuring the top for a piece of plexiglass, the paint scraped right off! I ended up peeling the entire top in one whole big piece of paint. So then I decided to sand and paint it like I should've in the first place!

This is one of my favorite things...I love storage bins of every kind! I'd say I may be addicted to them. Lucky for me, they came in dark brown.

In Little Chic's words, "The other room was just so....well, babyish, and this new one is all sophisticated and stuff."

Tuesday, August 5

The Difference Between Boys & Girls

The time has been long overdue to repaint the rooms of the Short People.

::Fair Warning:: This will be the last time I refer to them as the "Short People" due to the recent advancement in the height of Brainy Boy. He is now 64.25 inches...I am 64 inches even. After the present post, they will be called "the Juniors."

Any-whooo, Brainy Boy had no interest in actually helping pick out his decor or room color, other than insisting that it be something "plain." Our initial pick was gray/white/black striped bedding, but Muh Main Man has some weird psychotic allergy to black. I usually completely ignore his decorating advice, but in a moment of weakness, I let him convince me that the color scheme was too Goth. I bribed Brainy Boy to come along and pick an alternative by offering a prized lunch at Panera Bread Co. We settled for an extremely plain blue/brown plaid with a stripe of red running through it. Light blue paint completed the room. He has been thrilled ever since.

Little Chic, on the other hand, has been planning and scheming her room for months. She had planned to choose blue/brown for her room UNTIL the fateful day we used that for Brainy Boy's. At that point, it was vetoed. She declared that she did not want her room the same as his in any way.

She opted instead for a snazzy chocolate brown and fuscia ensemble and laid out her plan for the paint. She would be splatter painting her walls in hues of "chocolate brown" and "hot pink." In my style of no-fuss, no-muss decorating, that was a No Go.

As a second choice she decided she could live with two walls painted chocolate brown and two walls painted hot pink. I think not.

Finally, after much threatening to leave the room the way it was, she huffed and puffed that if I forced her to, she would live with a light tan as long as she could paint color blocks of her beloved chocolate brown and hot pink. That I can live with.

So this week while Little Chic is at summer camp, I am commissioned to put the light tan on the walls. I promised that I would wait till she gets home so we can collaborate on the exact placement of the 12 X 12 pink and brown bold color squares that we will add.

All I can say is....she better like it till she goes to college!

Thursday, July 31

Do I Still Qualify as a Blogger?

I first began slowing down my blog entries when I took a regular part-time job with a local school this spring. I found that the new schedule and limited time just cut into my blogging. But I missed it. The pipeline continued to dribble throughout the remainder of the school year, while I looked forward to summertime and a chance to re-indulge my passion for posting. But summer has come and I'm finding myself not taking the chance to blog. I'm not totally sure why. I think it's partly from being busy with projects that have been put off for too long and partly from reveling in the freedom that has come from not having a job for the first summer ever. And running every event through my brain as a possible blog entry just became a drag. And I haven't really missed it. I've missed YOU guys and I actually feel a little guilty sometimes for not checking in, but I haven't felt the motivation to get going. Hopefully it's not permanent (well, I'm hoping anyway...I'm not sure if you are). I'm thinking I'm in a slump. It would make me feel kind of blue if I had to admit I'm not a blogger anymore.

But, Hey! Perhaps this post is the start of my renewal. After all, I blogged it ;)

Saturday, July 12

Wanna See Something Weird?!

14 months ago, we adopted our sweet DogSpot from a humane society in Pennsylvania. She is beautiful, though admittedly unique-looking.

While we were in Florida, our neighbors adopted a 4-1/2 month old puppy from a litter at a New York humane society. We could not believe our eyes when we saw a virtual twin of our own dog.

Neither they, nor we could believe the similarity in our dogs! We were told, at adoption, that our dog was Jack Russell/Boxer mix (or possibly Jack Russell/Pit bull). They were told that their puppy is Boxer/Pit bull/Labrador.

We brought our dog over to meet her look-alike today, and they really hit it off--it was so strange to see the two of them looking so much the same!
The main difference between the two is that Molly, the neighbor's puppy, has droopy ears and DogSpot has very pointy, upright ears.

Who knows, we may have to take them on the road together!

Friday, June 27

I'm Alive, but Floundering

I've resorted to plagiarizing other blogs (with permission, of course) because I can't muster a few creative minutes to come up with something original. School is out, but I worked two days after in the school office. Today was a long-awaited library day and getting ready for our vacation early next week. Tonight is the middle of the All-Stars softball tournament that will take up every waking moment other than church and packing this weekend. So to prove that I'm still here, here's a survey. You can copy if it you want.

With this survey, you can only use one word answers

1. Where is your cell phone? Car.
2. Your significant other? Traveling.
3. Your hair? Short.
4. Your mother? Active
5. Your father? Working
6. Your favorite thing? Family
7. Your dream last night? Weird
8. Your favorite drink? Coffee
9. Your dream/goal? Balance
10. The room you’re in? Bedroom
11. Your church? Thriving
12. Your fear? Loss
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Here
14. Where were you last night? Softball
15. What you’re not? Bored
16. Muffins? Banana
17. One of your wish list items? Pergo
18. Where you grew up? Florida
19. The last thing you did? Vacuumed
20. What are you wearing? Bracelet
21. Your TV? Spongebob
22. Your pets? Enemies
23. Your computer? Overworked
24. Your life? Hectic
25. Your mood? Excited
26. Missing someone? Amy
27. Your car? Messy
28. Something you’re not wearing? Shoes
29. Favorite store? B&N
30. Your summer? Relaxed
31. Like(love) someone? Kiddos
32. Your favorite color? Green
33. Last time you laughed? Dinner
34. Last time you cried? Rarely
35. Who will repost this? Mary

This definitely takes brain cells to answer something other than the obvious. Go ahead and try it yourself.

Wednesday, June 18

Baby Blues

Brainy Boy started wearing glasses when he was 4 years old, so I have not seen his beautiful blue eyes unencumbered, during waking hours for 8 years.

He's 12 now, and responsible enough for contacts. Today was his first day at school with them. Only the excitement of showing off his new look was enough to keep him determined during the 25-minute process to get them in. The thing is, now he looks even more like his dad, if that's possible!

Tuesday, June 10

Can You Say "Fresh"....Not!

Seen in the local grocery store today (when running in to buy a gallon of milk).

"In cooperation with NYSEG (our electric company) we are cutting back on lights and electricity. We are sorry for any inconvenience."

I have no idea what in the world they are thinking, but I'm thinking that I won't be buying anything refrigerated or frozen from there. And the lights just may be too dim for me to sign my check ;)

Sunday, June 8

Th' Good, Th' Bad & Th' Ugly

Th' Good - It seems that the problem with my internet service for the past two months boiled down to a conflict between my Norton antivirus firewall and my wireless router firewall. I'm going with that story although we've had two other false-fixes from the lovely Time Warner tech, so time will tell. It's probably a good sign that I did stay up and running even during a thunderstorm today. That makes us all happy because when my internet is down--well, it's not so easy to stay pretty during those times, Ya'll.

Th' Bad - I can no longer blame my lack of blogging on lack of internet. I have to come up with yet another creative excuse for why my blog has become more of a task than an outlet for the last month or so. It seems that working nigh to full-time takes a toll on more than my laundry basket. I've been filling in for a sick co-worker so, sadly, you'll have to do with less of my pontificating for a bit longer--till school's out on the loveliest of days, June 24. I know, I know...I'm collecting baskets of sympathy from my down-south readers who would be horrified to follow the school calendar that we have in these parts.

Th' Ugly - As I was making my umpteenth cup of coffee in my hand-me-down Senseo (which has become the most beloved of possessions in the last few weeks of a harried schedule) it BROKE. I was such a pitiful mess that Muh Main Man offered to bring his own Senseo home from work for me to use. (This would be the same one I had vigorously coveted before my sweet friend gave me hers that she wasn't using). It is true that I have a 12-cup maker that is perfectly adequate and that I really liked before, but since getting the Senseo, I just cannot resist its two-minute quickness and the eerily Starbucks-like brew that it makes! Lucky for me, Muh Main Man missed his flight out to DC this evening, so I'll only have to wait until tomorrow evening for him to bring in the reserves. Unless he forgets. Which he won't. Because I won't let him ;)

Monday, June 2

Anniversary In Absentia

What a great way to spend the last 19 years!

Muh Main Man is at a week-long school trip in the Catskills with Brainy Boy as part of the 6th grade Science curriculum. So Little Chic and I are taking the burden of celebrating upon ourselves ;)

Sunday, May 18

Tuesday, May 13

What Makes Life Fun

For me, this is the joy of being alive. Being a mom is something I had no idea I ever wanted. Thank God He knew! Brainy Boy turned 12 on May 2, Little Chic will be 11 in September. This season of my life has been more than I could have ever asked for. What a privilege to have the honor of getting to watch two lives shape into the awesome people they are becoming!

The Edible Arrangement was pretty sweet too!

Saturday, May 10

Updates coming....Someday

I'm alive, but haven't been able to confirm that this week. Lots of stuff happening, and I'll get a chance to tell you soon...

1) Internet was broken, but thank goodness I'm a doityerselfer who knows nothing about anything. I guess I get lucky. It seems I've fixed it for now. I have no idea what I did to fix it, but it's working for the moment.

2) I turned 39 last week. I know, I know. Hard to believe ;)

3) Brainy Boy turned 12 last week too. Even harder to believe. Because I look so doggone young.

4) Wii gotta Wii. My shoulder is killing me, but I kick butt in ping pong and tennis. You'd think I'd kick butt in boxing, considering that I kickbox three days a week. But apparently pretending to beat somebody to pulp is much harder than doing it for real. Which brings me to the story that Muh Main Man almost got his hind end kicked when he snuck up behind me in Walmart today. He thanks his lucky stars for peripheral vision because I saw him out of the corner of my eye just before I backfisted him.

Have a great Mother's Day. If you're a mama, that is.

Thursday, May 1

Rewind of Happy Birthday Dear.....Who?!

This is what I was trying to post on my Birthday!

Compliments to Best Brother who also shares the Special Day.

Wednesday, April 30

Library Idol

Little Chic's school did a spin-off of American Idol to celebrate reading. She and a friend wrote a song about the library and performed it in front of the school. They made it through the initial round, and then on to "Hollywood" where they performed in front of the whole school yesterday. They didn't win the contest, but they were the only ones whose picture was printed in the local paper!

Also shown in the picture is "Principal" playing Randy Jackson, "Gym Teacher" playing Paula and "Reading Teacher" playing Simon Cowell. It's a nice effect that that Reading Teacher happens to be from England. The accent works.

Tuesday, April 29

Happy Birthday Dear....Who??!

If I were more technically savvy than I am, I'd figure how to post this video directly to my blog. But I'm not. So I can't. But, if you want to hear about the funniest Birthday Greeting an auntie can get, click on THIS HERE LINK and hear Cameron singing to .... well, he really has no idea.

And how clever is it that Dear Brother conveniently leaves out the fact that he shares the experience of growing a year older along with me. It's the two year old who has to remind him.

Sunday, April 27

An Unfortunate Fellow

I regret the sorry volume of posting lately, but thought you might be interested to know that Muh Main Man recovered this unfortunate young man from the river this evening.

There. I've posted.

Sunday, April 20

Got Logo-wear?

It's not often that I get surprises, but when I do, I love 'em. Especially when they come from Hawaii. Huh-wah-yee, People! The lovely Laura & Michael Perry from emailed me and told me I could pick out some stuff from their web site and they would mail it to me. Just because they like my blog! How sweet are they?! I. Love. Them.

Not wanting to impose, I had Little Chic pick out her two favorite items. I could have picked a dozen, let me tell ya. I love all that kind of stuff. Anyway, I told them that we wanted the Romans cap and the pink Name shirt. I don't think I've ever gotten a package from Hawaii. Well, before now. Yay! It came, and not only was the super-cute shirt and hat in there, they sent more. I love bonuses almost as much as I love surprises.

So here's just a teeny-weeny sampling of what they have. Go take a look around. Return the favor to the Perrys. Order some stuff.

Saturday, April 19

It's Muh Lil' Sis' Birthday!

She's younger than me, but that's okay. I LUV her! Go wish her a Happy Birthday!

Thursday, April 17

I'm Not a Chicken, No I'm Not.

#3 is False.

Although I am one to force myself to face my fears i.e., I'll run out to the car to retrieve something I've forgotten without a flashlight, even though I'm afraid of the dark; AND I always ride the roller coasters at amusement parks even though I'm afraid of heights; AND I always squish the spiders myself even though they give me the heebie-jeebies....I have not and have no plans to bungee jump. I' had the opportunity once and passed on it. I thoroughly convinced myself that I do not need to prove that I can.

That would be unless the Amazing Race comes calling. Then I'd do it. But that's the only way. Not because I'm afraid. I just don't need to.

Wednesday, April 16

#4 is True

Back in my working-full time-outside-the-home days, one of my jobs was as a corporate facilitator and I conducted classes in management and interpersonal skills. At one point, I had to facilitate a class in interpersonal skills to a group of hairdressers for a continuing education seminar they were taking at a local SUNY college.

I can honestly say that I hope it is a very long time (as in, never again) before I am surrounded by a group of 75 hairdressers role playing how they'll handle their more "difficult" clients in the future....

Tuesday, April 15

#2 Could Have Killed Me...Or At Least Made Me Rich

When I was about 17, I was on a bike-a-thon with my high school class (probably raising money for our infamous European Senior class trip, or something). But anyway. We rode the length of Jupiter Island and were on our way back -- and as we were crossing a highway, we had to stop in the median to wait for traffic. But traffic did not wait for us. Great-Grandma Moses an her equally ancient companion careened into the median and the car bumper hit me squarely behind the knees and in the lower back, hurling me across not only my bike, but the bikes of several of my riding companions.

The look of horror on GGM's face revealed that her family had probably been threatening to revoke her driving privileges at any moment. She wasn't taking any chances and after a slight pause of conscience, she decided to stay in the dark as to whether she was a murderer or simply the cause of a few scrapes and bruises.

Fortunately for us all, I suffered no more than some sore muscles and a scrape or two. And a generous amount of caution whenever I see kids anywhere near a street or parking lot. Or when I'm driving within view of any Grandma Moses'.

Monday, April 14

To Cheer Yer Up After Ya Mail In th' Taxes

It's not Starbucks, but hey, it just might fit the bill if you are in to the emotional eating thing. To make you feel better if you owe taxes--or to celebrate if you're getting some back. But I won't be partaking as I don't need any excuses to put back on even one of the 20 pounds I've lost.

#1 is True

The story behind it...

When I was about 11 years old, in sixth grade, we were living in Greenville, South Carolina. One afternoon during a huge thunderstorm, I was sitting in front of our large picture window waiting for my mom to get home from work. I was sitting backward on our couch with my arms on the back of the couch, head propped on my arms, looking out the window.

Suddenly a huge bolt of lightening struck a big tree right outside the window. Somehow a flash of the lightening came through the window and caught the edge of a metal watch I was wearing. I was left with thin red burned streak down the back of my hand. If I remember right, my sister was sitting alongside me, but I'm not sure. I have no scars to show for it, but my mother's word will have to corroborate my claim ;)

Saturday, April 12

Three Truths and A Lie

In an effort to be intriguing, I decided to bring this popular game to the blogdom. If you wanna play along, you have to guess which three "facts" are true about me and which one is not. It's simple....or not.

1) I've been struck by lightening....with no scars to show for it.
2) I was hit by a car while biking....and the driver looked at me in horror and sped off.
3) I mustered my courage and went bungee jumping...but due to my fear of heights, I vowed I never would again (well-unless I'm required by the Amazing Race WHEN I compete some day).
4) I taught a class at a SUNY college...and I have no college degree.

Answers will be revealed under separate post at my next whim ;)

Friday, April 11

John's Grandma

Mary E. Olsen went to her heavenly home on April 10, 2008. She was born in Middleburgh, NY on June 1, 1917. In 1938 she married J. Francis Olsen and moved to Binghamton, NY where they lived until moving to Hobe Sound, FL in 2002.

She graduated from Middleburgh High School and Oneonta Normal School (now SUNY College at Oneonta) and became a highly respected elementary school teacher in the Binghamton school system.

She also used her teaching skills in her church of more than 50 years, the Community Bible Church of Binghamton, NY, where for many years she was responsible for the elementary department of the Sunday school. Her students and her grandchildren remember her as an outstanding storyteller who provided all of the appropriate emphases to make the stories most interesting.

Above all, Mary Olsen had a true servant’s heart which was expressed in many deeds of kindness and caring for people. The large number of guests to her home often enthusiastically testified to her graciousness as a hostess and her outstanding culinary abilities.

She was predeceased in May 2007 by her husband, J. Francis Olsen after celebrating their 68th anniversary in December 2006. Survivors include two sons and daughters-in-law, Philip and Cathy Olsen, of Stuart, FL, and James and Joyce Olsen, of Hobe Sound, FL and a daughter and son-in-law, Susan and Philip Estes of Stuart, FL, plus eight grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren, as well as a sister, Marjorie Stuart, of Greenville, OH.

In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Hobe Sound Bible Church, PO Box 1065, Hobe Sound, FL 33475.

Monday, April 7

It's Not a Tall, Nonfat, No-whip Cinnamon Dolce Latte, But Still

Tomorrow, April 8, Starbucks is introducing a new coffee and will give away 8 oz. cups of its new Pike Place Roast brew beginning at Noon EST. The new coffee is named after the location of Starbucks' first store, which opened in Seattle's Pike Place Market in 1971.

And we all know how I like me a lil' Starbucks now and then. And now.

Thursday, April 3

Before You Knew Me

One of the unfortunate aspects of my growing up years was that my parents moved a lot. For that reason, I never have really had a place that I considered myself "from". The closest hometown I have would probably be where I spent my Jr. High and high school years in Florida since I have kept in touch with many of the people I went to High School with. But the first place I really considered home is definitely Greenville, SC.

Before I moved to Florida, my parents lived in South Carolina where I attended the Bob Jones elementary and junior high schools from 3rd grade until halfway through 8th. Some of my dearest memories are of the friendships I had during those formative years but I had completely lost contact with everyone I ever knew from that time. It was devastating when we moved halfway through my eighth grade year and I have dreamed of getting reacquainted with some of the kids I knew back then. A few months ago, (in a really roundabout way that is way too complicated to describe), I found my very best bud online from back in Jr. High. She was nice enough to pass me some pictures during our 7th grade year. For some reason, I have no pictures of myself during that period of time. I don't know if my parents didn't have a camera or if my mom just pitched a lot of stuff when we moved, but I was glad to get these. I realize the cheerleading skirts could practically be considered tea length, but think conservative Baptist school, People. BFF is on the bottom right in the "pyramid", but you'll have to figure out for yourself which one I am.