Monday, October 8

Where Ya Been?!

I know, I know. I'm keeping the world in suspense as to my whereabouts for the last few days and ya'll are just too doggone polite to invade my privacy by asking. And where, O where did I get that weird road sign pointing both north & south in one direction?

If you must know the truth, the Fam and I took us a little jaunt up into the Adirondacks for a night of fall colored bliss. We just love us a little jaunt now and then. The Short People had a Friday and a Monday off school so we decided to get away. From what, I can't say exactly, but it was a good excuse nonetheless. I vetoed the idea of hauling the camper and insisted on a hotel with a hot tub. The pool was optional. I was the hero of the Short People. It turns out that it wasn't too much of a fuss with Muh Main Man once I promised him he could do the driving in my new Explorer. So we were all happy.We trekked up to a garnet mine which turned out to be the largest garnet mine in the world. It's also the place that supplied the cornerstone for the new Twin Towers project. It was a fun day, but let's just say I will not be wearing a 20 carat garnet jewel anywhere on my body. The stones were a little more industrial than that but we still got into the spirit of trying to strike it rich. Muh Main Man was only a little disappointed that he didn't find the stone that would let him retire tomorrow. Little Chic was by far the champion jewel digger and came home with quite a collection of the deep red pebbles.

We also did a little touring of Ft. William Henry in Lake George where Brainy Boy bought yet another very long, very pretend wooden musket. He's been dashing around the world ever since, hurling threats at any would-be terrorists and doing a great job of it, I might add. I did see a small four-year-old cower behind his momma as my own boy was looking particularly fierce at one point and he wasn't even using the caps that came with it.

I'll close with what was truly the highlight of the trip for us all. After a long and agonizing wait, Brainy Boy was finally able to see, order and actually eat a real, live German schnitzel. Ever since he saw the movie "Hoodwinked" where they sing The Schnitzel Song he and his friends have violently debated over exactly what is....a schnitzel. Is it a shish-ka-bob? Is it a sausage? No, it's a fried pork chop. Well, pork schnitzel is, anyway. Now Brainy Boy is just waiting to return to school tomorrow to gloat that he is in the know. He loves to be in the know. He gets that from his Dad, I'm sure.

5 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

What a perfect "autumn" get-a-way!

Melanie said...

Sounds like a great time and the trees are just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a great picture

Alexandria said...

Sounds like you and your family had a wonderful weekend. The pictures look great and the one of the scenery is stunning.

maryellenhuff said...

I'm showing my ignorance...but if I had been asked I would have said a "schnitzel" was some kind of pastry dessert! Obviously I didn't have a clue...until now. "-)