Wednesday, October 17

Things You're Dying to Know....and a little advice on the side

I'll be kind and start with the advice. I would not suggest under any circumstances that you personally taste this product to ensure that it will work to save your new little ivy plant that you got at the grocery store from the nibbling boredom of the cat. It will work, no need to taste it yourself. I already did. I'll not be sharing how I know this. But I promise you, it works.

Now then.

DogSpot and I were alone for our walk this morning. We did not have our usual companions so we went to a less distracting place than the usual neighborhood for our walk. This also worked. I was much less distracted. It's amazing what you can get the dog to do when you actually tell it what you want. She did splendidly, and my arm was able to remain at my side where it belongs rather than in the usual "Heil Hitler' look stretched out in front of me. Well, except for the small conniption she threw when we passed some other dogs but that's to be expected. It's amazing that I have a terrier and then am surprised when she acts all excited like, you know....a terrier.

Anyhoo...we celebrated our success, her with some left over pork chop and me with a stop at Panera. And guess what?! They have a pumpkin spice latte which is surprisingly as good as Starbucks' for a bargain .20 cents more. I still have to try the recommended Dunkin' Donuts variety which I'll be sure to do by week's end I'm sure.

Ta-Ta for now!!

5 of Your THINKS:

laurie said...

I need some sort of training routine for our ponies. They are beginning to obey commands but boy are they alot of work!

maryellenhuff said...

You go girl - show that dog who is the leader of the pack!!!

Kimberly said...

You made me laugh!! So jealous of your Panera's...I miss that so much since moving back South! And saving 20 cents is definitely a good thing!:)

Debbie said...

I'll take your word for it regarding the 'Bitter YUCK', that sounds nasty!

Way to go with DogSpot! Sometimes the less distracting paths are the best.

I'll just have to run right over and try that Panera pumpkin spice latte, can't wait and the Dunkin' Donuts variety while I'm at it!

Diane said...

Oh, FUNNY about the spray! Thanks for a good laugh...