Tuesday, October 2

A Prairie Home Companion

Ok, People. I got desperate. Since my deal-e-o with Mr. D fell through, I am now officially obsessed with getting Garrison Keillor tickets for my dad. The show is October 20 at Ovens Auditorium in Charlotte, NC. I need those tickets. Bad. Here was my desperate attempt to get sympathy from Craig's List today.

I had the great idea to be my dad's hero and get him tickets to see Prairie Home Companion for his birthday. He listens faithfully on the radio every Saturday and he even got me hooked on the guy.

I marked the ticket sale date on my calendar and got up Saturday morning feeling all smug, thinking about how great it would feel to be his favorite daughter when I presented him with those coveted tickets. You can imagine how depressed I was when I realized they'd sold out within SEVEN minutes of going on sale.

After skimming the web and realizing that ticket scalpers had bought them all and were unloading them for $300 apiece, I got the bright idea to try Craig's List. I thought I had it all wrapped up when a poster agreed to sell me two tickets that he could no longer use. So I was doubly depressed when he contacted me back before I picked them up and said he'd given them to somebody else! I mean, come on, Dude. It's my dad's birthday. I need those tickets.

So...I am begging, groveling, asking nicely. Anybody got a pair of tickets that I can have? I'll take any seats at this point, but I'd like to give my dad a decent view of his man, Garrison. I'd even take a lead on where I could get them if you have any inside info.

This goes for ya'll too. Whoever scores me these tickets is my new Hero. Money is an object, but price is negotiable. The tickets originally went for $30, $50 and $70. I need 2 of them. I'll pay more than face value, but I have a limit. Anybody have a need to be a hero today?!

4 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

Alright, I am so bent out of shape with Mr. D right now! That was such a nasty trick he pulled on you! I hope you're able to find someone who has a heart to sell you the tickets for a REASONABLE price!

Stephen Ley said...

Well, if worse comes to worst you could buy him the DVD of the movie. It was pretty good I thought.

Good luck!

Alexandria said...

Oh Im so sorry you're having problems getting a hold of those tickets. What "Mr. D" did was so rude!

laurie said...

I'm pulling for ya! I hope you get those tickets.