Wednesday, October 10

Lessons From the Lunchroom

I substituted as a lunchroom monitor at the Short Peoples' school today. Some helpful things I learned were....

1) You can be eight years old in fourth grade. You can also be 11. That can't be good if you're in the same class.

2) Kids are fascinated by seeing people out of context. Several who have visited our house on play dates were flabbergasted that the same adult is qualified to fix them Easy Mac at their friend's house and officially supervise on the playground.

3) There are a zillion and one rules to soccer, and they change depending upon who is being the bossiest. If you make enough rules, the other kids get sick of it and will leave you and your little posse to play with the ball yourselves. Which was the original point.

4) Friends are good, but only if they are nice. As one very average-sized fourth grader told me, "That's my mean friend over there. She starts rumors about me. She tells everybody I'm chubby and that I only eat meatloaf." I pointed out that he's not chubby as anyone can clearly see and the lunchroom did not, in fact, serve meatloaf today, so it's safe to assume that the other kids at his table realize that he eats more than meatloaf.

5) If there's bad weather, it means indoor recess. And that means wear a safety helmet. You'll need it for the dodgeball game. Believe me.

3 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

LOL! I Don't know if I could do it on the playground LOL! TOO FUNNY! The conversations are hysterical between kids!


Melanie said...

Those are so funny!

Debbie said...

I just love the innocense of children. Too cute Jenlo, thanks for the chuckle!