Wednesday, October 24

Fur is for People Too!

As I laid down for a rare snuggle with Brainy Boy last night, he remarked, "Mom, I like it when you snuggle in bed with me better than when Dad snuggles with me." I was shocked at this revelation since Muh Main Man is a lot more inclined to these bedtime snuggles than am I. I thought that perhaps it was because Dad falls asleep on the bed and takes up way too much room. This doesn't go over well with Brainy Boy who likes to sprawl across the entire bed. He doesn't even allow DogSpot to sleep with him.

But the truth was revealed when I asked him why he like snuggling with his mom so much. "It's because Dad's legs are furry."

So there ya go. Just wait till he realizes that his are getting furry too.

5 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

That's too funny!

Melanie said...

So funny!!

Regina said...

Nice blog! Funny story!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE to snuggle!!!

Today,, Damon and snuggled around 4:30 (he had a melt down), and we both fell asleep till 5:30!


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