Friday, June 8

Franklin Fest

Can I just say, totally amazing?! For one thing, I have never been to an event that had so many unbelievable bands in one place. And singing back up in the humongous's a once in a lifetime experience.

I can't wait to take my kids tomorrow night and let them experience it for themselves. The bands are going to be even better since it's Student Night and is sure to be a big jam session. It gives a glimpse of God's powerful love for us when you see so many people at once discover the hope that comes from finding life in Christ. That's not something that happens every day.

2 of Your THINKS:

Rochelle said...

Cool! I would love to attend if I get the chance too. Glad you had a good time.

Melanie said...

Sounds like a great time! I know my parents were planning to attend also.

I have a special prayer request over at my blog. I would appreciate it if you would stop by and let me know that you will be helping me pray.