Tuesday, May 22

These are the Days

Times have been good, but busy. I am revisiting a stage of life I thought I never would - the potty training stage. Although, I have to say that I appear to be much more successful in this endeavor with the canine species than I was with my own offspring. It's much less stressful too, being able to crate the peeing one when I'm not able to hover over in potty-watching state.

The Short People have taken wildly to our new DogSpot, although MonsterPaw is thoroughly irritated at us all. We've had to move the cat food and litter box out of the prying paw-ness of the puppy and MonsterPaw is beginning to forgive the intrusion just a bit.

We have found a few nice surprises along the way - DogSpot doesn't mind sleeping all night in her crate and waiting patiently to go outside in the morning. She is also a very polite passenger in the vehicle and rides nicely to school with the Short People every morning. DogSpot has only barked twice - once at first sight of the cat and once to go outside! DogSpot is a pleasant companion at the park and will cooperate on a leash. These are all things we didn't get to enjoy with our beloved HyperDog and although we miss her dearly, we are enjoying the benefits of a more, let's just say....mild personality. Since we are enjoying her so much, another surprise (**NOT**) is that it is much more difficult to enforce the "No dogs on the bed" rule.

3 of Your THINKS:

Melanie said...

DogSpot sounds wonderful! And, I see the no dogs on the bed rule is going well!

maryellenhuff said...

Maybe with a well behaved, well trained mild personality kind of dog you'll be able to let that rule go...just don't tell your main man's Mom. "-)

Debbie said...

How did I miss this great post?

I just adore that pic of Brainy Boy with DogSpot, so very nice. I'm sure it's a real joy for you to see those beautiful smiles on the little people. I can tell DogSpot is LOVED! :-)