Thursday, May 3

Long Overdue Hello

Due to recent events, including birthdays, softball games and a weird migraine incident on Monday, I have not told you about one of the more exciting things that happened last week. I got to see a long-lost friend who was up visiting in my neck of the woods! We had known each other through middle school and high school and hadn't been in touch since my wedding, way back in 1989 (yeah, I know I look entirely too young to have been married in that year, but hey...) Any-who, I reconnected with Debbie in December 2005 via the blogsphere, and we've been in touch ever since! Debbie does amazingly awesome pottery and she brought me a glazed tile for my birthday that a friend of hers made - so I have my first very own handmade piece of artwork! It even says "Fresh Coffee" which shows how faithfully Debbie reads my blog.

You can imagine how shocked I was to learn that she was coming to visit the nether regions and that we'd be able to meet up. We ended up having breakfast together and then the whole fam met she and her husband later again that evening for ice cream and Muh Favorite Place. I would post a picture of the reunited duo, but I looked particularly frumpy in the picture. I'm blaming it on the skills of the very nice volunteer photographer who didn't suggest that I stand up straight. Oh...what the hay...I know I'll get lots of complaints about not posting a pic, so here goes my dignity...especially since she looks so darn good!

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maryellenhuff said...

You are so funny, your last couple of sentences cracked me up! We've seen enough pictures that show the real you that a few not-so-flattering ones here and there won't ruin your image. "-)

I'm glad you set aside your pride and showed us the picture - how cool you and Debbie got to hang out, especially there, too funny.

If I can show that picture of me looking like a huge cow at the end of my pregnancy you can show this one. "-)

We ought to have a "The Worst Picture of Me" contest and have all our blogging friends post bad pictures of themselves and we vote to see who has the funniest one!

Jenn Jones said...

It's always fun to meet up with old friends! I'm planning a trip to see my college roommate who I haven't seen for years!

Also, I LOVE Coldstone! I actually have a gift certificate in my purse just waiting to be used!

Debbie said...

You're such a stinker! I was just thinking how wonderful you looked with your beautiful tan and all and how I look so ghostly pale.

I had a great time and thanks for working us into your schedule.

dad said...

You are awesome............ I admire your writing style........ Love Dad

Panda-Mom said...
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Panda-Mom said...

Your dignity looks just fine to me! LOL...great to have a good time with mean...long time friends! ; )

Melanie said...

That picture is not that bad. But, I do like Mary Ellen's idea to have "The Worst Picture of Me" contest! I'm sure most of us could come up with some pretty terrible pictures!

Anonymous said...

Jen, you always look great!!!!!

What a great visit you had, I would love to meet up with ol'friends from junior high!