Wednesday, May 23

Day, Interrupted

I am not a morning person. Not by a long shot. So I was ever thankful when Muh Main Man agreed to run my Ma up to the airport at 5am so she could make her 5:50am flight this morning. As luck would have it, he got a serious medic call last night and was whooped by the time he got home. We switched roles and I agreed to take Ma if he would set the coffee pot up and also get the Short People dressed and to school. He thought that was a great deal. I wasn't so sure.

I fretted half the night that I would oversleep and got up bleary-eyed, threw on some clothes and headed straight to the coffee. Muh Main Man kept his end of the bargain and set up the coffee pot, but didn't have it start until departure time. In desperation, I clicked the button and held my cup under the spout as it drip-dropped x-tra strong brew into my cup.

We arrived at the airport in record time and against my better judgment, I left as I saw Ma approach the kiosk to check in. Twenty minutes later, just as I reached my street, my cell phone rang and it was Ma asking me to come back and get her. Apparently there was snafu. I made a U-turn, hauled back to the terminal and sat out front for 40 minutes while she worked her magic. I guess my presence did the trick because I left again without her and they squeezed her on a 7:30am flight. I arrived BACK home just in time to dress and deliver the Short People to school myself. What can I say? I was in martyr mode.

Needless to say, I've been in a fog all day. I would have gone back to bed but I had several errands to do and they were all scheduled at random intervals throughout the day, so it just isn't working for me. I'm already preparing to get my second wind so I can watch the American Idol finale tonight. And then I'll sleep. Until then, I'm a zombie.

3 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

Reminds me of the song "There'd Be Days Like This, My Momma Said". Ah for a good dose of sleep.

allana said...

OOOOOh! REALLY hate days like that!

Anonymous said...

At least we had a great time at Crossroads!