Thursday, May 10

Can't Say It's Boring

We all know the saying, "When it rains, it pours." I've definitely had my share of pouring the last month or so, and this week is just zipping along like all the others! I'm actually looking forward to a dry spell, so to speak, and I keep peering at my calendar to see when there is a day that has nothing on it. I haven't identified one on this page yet. I'm a gal who likes to keep busy, though, so I keep reminding myself of that fact.

Little Chic had her final fourth grade orchestra and chorus concert Tuesday night and she was quite the sight. The older she gets, the more serious she is about what outfit she'll be wearing, what hairdo she'll be sporting and all that jazz. I enjoy spiffing up, but I generally go for the no fuss style - but not Little Chic. The more complicated the hairdo, the more she likes it. Unfortunately, I'm not that gifted a hairstylist and we have to visit the hairdresser for the really fancy schmancy stuff. Luckily she went with an understated look for her concert, so I was able to manage. She even graduated to her first wearing of dangly earrings, borrowed from Mom.

It may have been her last ever orchestra concert if she switches to a band instrument next year. She is wanting to continue the viola and add a band instrument as well, but I'm not caving, so she'll have to choose....squeaks or screeches...I'm not having both ;) After the concert we went to a new ice cream shop that sells the beloved Dippin' Dots which Little Chic has been enthralled with since she did a science experiment making ice cream with liquid nitrogen. It was a real thrill, I tell ya, paying $3.50 for a minuscule cup of the frozen gold.

Last night was another softball game. Brainy Boy doesn't always attend, but he did last night and joyfully met a new friend, "Harry, who's Jewish." Brainy Boy always loves to find a new friend who has something that he deems unusual. It can be anything from "John, who is one of seven kids in his family" to "Austin who has warts on his hand." It really doesn't matter what the unique fact is, but it always invokes lots of discussion and analyzing.

Funny kids, these ones are!

5 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

OK...after your "poor me" comment last night....

I just wanted to let you know that "nobody" (myself included) is still reading your blog!

maryellenhuff said...

Tell Thad you DO have faithful readers - me included!!! I'm sure he was kidding. "-)

Non-boring kids make life so much more fun and interesting right!?!?

The pick an instrument that either sqeeks or sqawks but doesn't do both comment cracked me right up!!!

Little Miss is getting way to big way to fast, I bet it breaks Daddy's heart.

Melanie said...

I am a faithful reader too!

Little Chic looks beautiful and grown up! It seems like only yesterday (actually almost 7 years ago) she was the flower girl in my wedding!

Brainy Boy is too funny with the names he has for his friends!

Debbie said...

What a beautiful Princess and love those dangling earrings!

You have such great kiddos and that Brainy Boy, I love the way he opens his heart to new friends.

Janette said...

I missed your blogging! I think some of the most exciting and often funny things to see are your children processing and learning things in everyday life. I love learning from mine and I'm certainly learning and laughing with yours. Thanks for sharing.

My daughters keep asking for dangly earrings but I'm paranoid that they'll end up with a ripped earlobe. I worked with a woman that had that and it freaked me out everytime I saw it.