Wednesday, December 20

Who Knows Why?

Why is it that every female head of household that I know, is running frantically like a hen being chased by a wolf as the days whittle down to the BIG ONE?

Why is it that the children of those same females are gleefully pronuncing, "Christmas is in only five days!!" as if their moms are calm and organized with everything done?

And why is it that the male partners of those females (be they husbands, boyfriends, dads or brothers) are saying "What stress? What needs to be done? I'm not stressed, why are you stressed?" ??

As of now, if it doesn't get done, it's not getting done, and I'm committed to being OKAY with it. Well, that is except for the remainder of the shopping to do tomorrow, the school classroom party on Friday, the wrapping on Saturday, the singing at two services in church on Sunday....all except for that.

2 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

This truly is the busiest time of the year and I try to pace myself committing to things to a certain point and then saying “I'm sorry, I can't AKA no”. I don't have children to look after and their parties to help out with so I know you have a lot more on your plate. However, on occasion I find myself at times feeling the same way. Bobby's my support helping me along when I'm feeling frazzled.

Marissa Kay said...

As usual, Friend, I could NOT have said it better!!! On Wednesday when my 12 year old was upset I settled with an artificial tree, suggested that him and his Dad would go for a tree on Saturday, and states "we don't have anything going on Saturday". It was at that point I was not sure whether to cry becaue I hardly remember a Saturday before Christmas that I didn't have a MILLION things to do. Strangle him because The delious state he his in not recognizing at all the want us Mom's have to want this Christmas to have something slighty different and memorable about it that none of the Christmases have had before. Istead I just walked away knowing that nothing I could say would shed any light on the way he sees things.