Saturday, December 16

Whewwww, Campaign Over

Just in the nick of time, the 2006 Weblog awards came to a close. I was feeling quite chipper for the first half of voting, as I remained strongly in the #5 position. It became much less satisfying to see my stats as the days dragged on seeing myself slip to #6, then #7 and at one point, #8. Luckily the votes were tallied and I tied for 8th,9th,10th with 2 other bloggers (that's face-saving speak for "tied for last place"). The judges were kind enough to place my name in the first of the losing spots, so that I can trick myself into believing I wasn't the least popular. But were it not for all you friendly types who check my goings on every day, I wouldn't have even been in the running. So thank you for the 144 clicks of affirmation that you all gave me for the past 10 days, admitting to the world that you humor me by reading my ramblings.

My consolation prize is that I get to keep that snazzy little button forever. I probably won't even take it out, well, ever!

1 of Your THINKS:

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Ah, scr*w the results, we are the winners anyway ;-)

We were finalists among some big hot dogs so we did well! Woot!

Keep up the good blogging :-)