Thursday, December 21

Unexpected Company

It's always a little strange to have 'vacationers' at home during the school year. Those would be the people who aren't usually keeping me company during the daytime school hours (like Hero Guy when he is on vacation from work, or the kids when they are on holiday breaks). The hardest part about it is that the regular routine gets interrupted and I get all discombobulated.

This morning I attempted to keep on schedule, sitting on my bed having quiet time reading my Bible after the kids were gone to school. It's especially difficult to stay focused when Hero Guy is home, because, well--here's an example. While I was minding my business, Hero Guy was entertaining himself by putzing around the house enjoying a day off work. He disappeared into the bathroom where he keeps his handy-dandy binoculars (for spying on deer out the back window) and proceeded to peer off our top balcony at some unfortunate woman who was having car trouble on the road in front of our house.

At my suggestion that he go help her figure out what was wrong, he replied that he was 'letting her gain a sense of accomplishment by figuring it out herself." I suspect he didn't want to change out of his PJs that early, and after I scowled at him, he traipsed off to help her. He got there just in time for her to gun her motor and take off. I'm sure the poor thing is feeling very accomplished at the moment--she's probably thanking her lucky stars for getting out of there before the weirdo with binoculars showed up to help her.

2 of Your THINKS:

Panda-Mom said...

I am so cracking up laughing at this one! First, I am glad that you stated WHY he took the binoculars to the little boys room and then the image of the lady speeding off to get away from the weirdo did me in! HA!

Barb said...

Hysterical. How noble of him to allow her to feel a sense of accomplishment. LOL