Tuesday, December 12

Learning from Experience

Life brings with it lots of experience and if you pay attention, you can learn some really good lessons. Some of the stuff I'd forgotten and have been reminded of this week:

1) "Uh-huh" does not qualify as a "yes" from your kids. More than likely it means "I'm watching Sponge Bob and something (I have no idea what) is making a really annoying noise, but saying "uh-huh" makes it stop."
2) If your computer never crashes, it will - Just as you finish entering all the numbers in that new budgeting program you're trying out.
3) If your husband never drives your vehicle, he will suddenly need to - But only when you have been shopping with the kids who have been eating in your car all day. This will elicit a comment about how terrible it is that you allow your car to be a pigpen ALL the time.
4) You can't go by the calorie counter on those high-tech treadmills. One day, a 3.5 mile run will burn 500 calories, and the next day, at the exact same pace, it will only burn 350.
5) If you're in a hurry before PTA meeting, a meal can be made up of entirely white food--like pasta alfredo with garlic bread - and you won't even feel bad about it. You'll say to yourself "At least it's not take out".

No need to thank me for sharing these tidbits before you have to learn them on your own the hard way.

3 of Your THINKS:

happy and blue 2 said...

LOL..I use the uh huh one all the time as an adult. It still works..

Tawcan said...

Great list. The computer part is especially true!

I added your site on my blogroll, hopefully you could do the same. Thanx.

Janette said...

I can relate to #3. The comments stopped not long after I mentioned that his hunting buddies left behind more trash and gear in his truck than all four of our kids do in a month.