Wednesday, December 13

Getting Even

Apparently Hero Guy was more perturbed than I realized about me not letting him wear his cowboy hat to the country music concert we went to Saturday night. This medic outfit is what he was wearing when he showed up at church on Sunday evening for Little Chic's children's choir performance!

Oh, ok--the truth. He was on medic duty. But you have to admit, the first story sounded better.

5 of Your THINKS:

Panda-Mom said...

Help?? I am trying to post comments on several blogs and it won't let me!!!! ARGH! Each one at the bottom of the comment space has an orange bar to publish comment. Are these BETA people and what does that mean? WHY CAN"T I POST ON THEM after I have been doing it for weeks now? I figured you might know. I remember you saying something like this happened to people trying to get onto your blog's comments.....???

Thad said...

yah right....we all know that he wears that outfit to church whether he's on call or not. Just like we all know that Marissa is the only person that would take a picture during church! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL! The first story was waaaaay better! What was Marissa taking a pic of anyway??? Heee..The kidlets did an INCREDIBLE job Sunday night!

Anonymous said...

I changed over to that "new" blogger account or whatever and now it is letting me post comments. Hmmm. However, many of the people who have been posting on my blog are now called "anonymous" and the cute little icons are gone. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

You don't know me, but I am sitting at work google-ing recipes for Cranberry Cream Cheese spreads and your website was listed. I was surprised to see that you lived in Upstate NY because I am sitting at work in Canton, NY. And then even more surprised to see that you are also a believer in Christ, as am I.

Your profile totally grabbed my attention: I love the "recovering type-A personality".

At any rate, I go to CFC in Madrid and just thought I would drop a note. The World Wide Web makes the world a little smaller, huh?