Saturday, September 16

Whoa, Betsy

I am amazed as I look back over my week this week--No wonder I'm pooped. I can barely see the white space on my calendar due to a lack of restraint on my part from waaay overscheduling myself. For instance, I kickboxed twice, skipped a PTA meeting to make it to a Sunday School meeting on the same night, took the kids to Wednesday night church, had breakfast with a friend before running to a Children's Council meeting, made a presentation to the church Leadership Team, skipped kickboxing once to cook a pasta lunch for Little Chic's fourth grade class in honor of author Tomie dePaola's birthday since her class had finished reading Strega Nonna, went to soccer practice and did some birthday shopping for Little Chic. To end the week, here's what we did today.... After picking up Brainy Boy's friend at 7am from a sleepover (and he'll be sleeping over with us tonight) Played landing strip to a tiny butterfly
Won the soccer game 3 to 1 with an awesome save by Little Chic as Goal Keeper

Got Little Chic's nails done in preparation of her Monday birthday complete with butterfly airbrush design
Rather than be a smart cookie and order pizza out, Yours Truly cooked a pot roast dinner which will actually pay off tomorrow--we'll be having leftovers after church. Because I'm singing and I'll be out of steam by the time I get home, I'm sure.

Here's to a boring, uneventful week coming up!

3 of Your THINKS:

Rochelle said...

Wow, you just completely wore me out. I guess those vitamins are working well for you!

meh said...

Here's hoping after your Sunday dinner leftovers you get a good, long nap. I think I need one just from reading your blog!

Tell Caroline I think her nails are adorable and I'm sure they'll be the hit of the party - very cute.

Debbie said...

Little Chic's nails are 'The Bomb'!

I'm completely worn out too; I think we're in the same boat this weekend.