Thursday, September 28

Unchained Melody

Yesterday brought a new, unprecedented thrill to our household. Little Chic flew off the bus lugging not only her backpack, but her new viola. She has been looking forward to joining the orchestra, one of the privileges of fourth grade, ever since last year when she had her orientation at the "big school" i.e., the building that houses 4th-6th grades. We've never quite figured out the fascination with the viola, rather than the violin, but she's never swayed! We paid the bargain price of $50 for a school year's worth of lessons, including the viola rental and yesterday, she officially became part of the orchestra.

Tall PTA Friend saw Little Chic during her first lesson and observed that Little Chic was quite enthralled, wide-eyed, soaking it all in. In fact, school pictures occurred on the same day, and Little Chic had to briefly leave the lesson to have her picture taken, and she was not happy to be interrupted.

The second she got into the house, the case was on the floor, opened and she began playing for oh, let's just say, the next SIX HOURS. It was actually impressive. Orchestra Conductor only had about 15 minutes left once the instruments were distributed, to actually show how to hold the instrument, use the bow and such, but Little Chic was using all four strings playing scales all the way up after about half an hour. I was prepared to have blood running out my ears from all the screeching, but I have to admit, there wasn't too much of that. It looks like she might actually be good on this instrument. She has been dying to play something, anything since she was wee tiny and we've been through a myriad of recorders, harmonicas, even a miniature guitar--she's even been yearning for a piano. So this will work out well. This viola is much smaller than a piano, the lessons are cheap and it has kept her totally busy for the last two afternoons. I'm not thinking her 30 minutes of practice will be much of a problem. Yet.

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calhounfamily said...

go Little Chic

Cokodok said...

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mary ellen said...

That's great! Next time there is a family reunion she and Kaitlyn can play a duet.

I don't find listening to a violin being practiced annoying at all, much better than a loud squeeking instrument (like a clarinet, which I played for years). I don't know how my parents stood having 3 girls learning 3 different instruments - yikes!

Rochelle said...

Alright Little Chic! I started the violin in the 3rd grade & played for many years....although piano is now my instrument of choice. As an aside... A little old lady in one of my dad's church's was not such a big fan of mine...she used to get up & leave every time I played because she couldn't stand the sound!!! Ha!

William said...

Speaking of "big-school", yesterday Chandler asked me if I was "home-schooled" or "big-schooled?"

Panda-Mom said...

Sounds a little bit like you might have a prodigy on your hands! She really seems to have picked up quickly. Keep us posted on the progress!