Monday, September 11

Three Things

It's bonus time, people. In my cold-induced stupor I wrote this post before I realized it really wouldn't do to post the 9/11 topic tomorrow, so rather than make you wait, I'm giving you a double-dose today.

Three things I SAW today:
1) A kindergartener and his dad anxiously waiting at the bus stop (which for some reason they thought was in the parking lot of the drive through car wash where I was vacuuming my car). The bus never came.
2) Myself in the mirror at kickboxing class, attempting to work out while having a head cold (NOT a pretty sight)
3) 30 pictures of various deer wandering in the woods, captured by Hero Guy's very new digital game camera that he mounted on a tree (not sure why we needed pictures to prove that upstate NY has deer in the woods)

Three things I HEARD today:
1) That a kindergartener in some town fell asleep on the bus ride home after school and she was discovered still sleeping by the girls ball team that had an out-of-town game that evening.
2) That the girls in my kickboxing class no longer want to go to lunch after every single workout. It has something to do with wanting to keep their weight down, but I thought that's what the kickboxing was for. Hmph!
3) That Brainy Boy really can't stand tacos, and he has just been eating them whenever I've fixed them because that's all there is to eat.

Three things I DID today:
1) vacuumed my bedroom ceiling and walls (I had no idea this needed to be done, but apparently some people are extremely dusty and it sticks to the texture of the paint).
2) Windexed and hand-wiped my entire bathroom floor because Hero Guy has an affinity for hairspray that doesn't seem to dissolve with normal floor-mopping technique.
3) Fell asleep in a Sudafed fog after supper and woke up in the dark at 8pm. All the occupants of the house were being especially considerate to let me nap because it meant undisputed extra TV time for them.

Now these last three won't be done again for a verrrry long time!

4 of Your THINKS:

Panda-Mom said...

FYI~when Texans hear NY we typically think of NYCity. That being said, you can see why it was a bit difficult for me to invision Wilbur as Thanksgiving dinner. Kinda like people who have never been to Texas thinking we all have a horse and get our water from a well. It ain't so. BTW...I was in 4-H. Didn't eat my projects though. Granted I did public speaking, not animal raising. I don't think I could "stomach" that. ; )

meh said...

The baby and Kaitlyn both have bad colds and I'm hoping no one else follows suit. Hope you are feeling better soon. Tell Eric I'll eat his tacos, I LOVE them!

Debbie said...

Oh my Jennifer, you put me to shame! I can't imagine getting all the things you were able to accomplish in a days time, feeling the way you did. Hope you're feeling better soon.

amyb said...

Well, I don't vacuum my walls or ceilings but I do vaccuum my blinds and the corners where cobwebs collect! Also, I'm sure you didn't mind that cold too much since you love your Sudafed :)