Tuesday, September 5

School's Eve

Every year I determine to make the last free day before school one of fun, laughter, family bonding, adoring my children...well, you get the picture. For some reason, though, in full overachiever style, I always agree to help put on the Back To School luncheon for our school's teachers and staff. For two years, I was heavily involved, coordinating with the other Co-Prez of the PTA. This year, I took a more backseat role, just picking some of the food, helping set up and clean up afterward.

The problem is that the wee ones have to come along and spend half their day letting mom get her volunteer jollies. Little Chic goes right along with the bustle since she is dreaming of the day that she gets in high school and can be old enough to get a job at Subway. Fixing food and setting tables is right down her alley. Brainy Boy, on the other hand, suffers through, lollygags around the playground, says "Hi" to some of his old teachers and chats with any other unfortunate drag-alongs that have mothers helping out as well.

Once we get home it seems the day is only half gone, but I'm pooped, the kids are ready to vegge out and somehow evening comes and the school year starts again all too quickly. As ready as it seems we all are to have our schedules in regular function again, its a little sad thinking that at 8am tomorrow, it'll be just me, HyperDog and MonsterPaw holding down the fort.

I'll cheer myself up by going to that Back To School breakfast that all the moms are sneaking to. I'm sure I'll manage.

4 of Your THINKS:

Paula said...

Dear Lord, bless and protect JenLo's precious children and give them a great new year. Thank you for giving them a Godly mom like her. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Have a great first day and enjoy your breakfast! I've missed ya, but I think I'm back to blogging again. Things have settled down.

mary ellen said...

Only the Mom's go? We do that breakfast on the first morning too, but a lot of Dad's go also. The Mom's do outnumber the Dad's though, althought it seems in the four years I've been going the number of Dad's are increasing. Cracker Barrell is our weapon of choice, where do you ladies "do breakfast?"

Panda-Mom said...

Just wanted to let you know how fun it is for me to check my comments and see your little picture! Crazy how we've never met, live so far away from each other and yet in some cyber-space-enigma we connect! Thanks for bloggin' with me!

Debbie said...

I know after the flurry of summer events for you guys, it will be different having the kids back in school and being 'home alone'. I'm sure you'll manage too and pick back up into your normal routine kickboxing and numerous other things to keep you busy. Just want to wish you and your family a great school year!