Thursday, September 21

One of THOSE Parents

The day started out well today. Actually all of our days have been starting out well, if I do say so myself. In no way do I proclaim to be a 'morning person' so it is with fear and trepidation that we begin the school year each fall. However this year, I've been in fine form, actually leaving the house showered and properly dressed when I drive the kids to school. Admittedly this is strange, because for the five years prior, let's just say it's a good thing my van windows are a bit tinted from the outside, and I drive fast. Morning drop-off time has not has not featured my best look. But I digress.

The day started out with each of us calm, collected and following our morning routines. As Little Chic came into the bathroom for me to help her with her 'part' (as in hair) I noticed that she had on a royal blue shirt with a navy blue skort. Even now I can't explain why I made note of it. That is one battle that I thought I had long given up with her - if the clothes fit and are clean, she gets to mix and match in whatever way suits her. But in my feeblemindedness, I suggested she change either the shirt or the skirt since those two shades of blue really didn't go together. I was surprised that she didn't protest and she even asked me to help her pick out a new shirt. As I finished getting my own self ready, I completely forgot that I had clothes selection duty. When I came down to usher everybody to the car, I realized that Little Chic had gotten sick of waiting for my help and had chosen the switch herself. She changed the whole outfit. She had on her favorite tank top with coordinating shorts that barely qualify as the right size anymore. And today the high was 65.

I'm almost ashamed to admit this--I told her to go get a jacket. I let my kid go to school in mid-summer clothes in mid-autumn weather with a jacket that probably never saw her skin all day. I can hear the teachers now. "You know that Mrs. O. She's a bang-up PTA mom, but I would've never guessed she'd be one of those parents. You know, the ones who let their kids come to school all winter without a proper coat and hat. The ones who send their precious jewels out in the elements without socks or gloves. You know, those people." The embarrassing part is that it was kind of liberating not getting all in a huff about the inappropriate attire and getting to school on time rather than rushing around to force another quick-change. And she seemed to survive. At least she came home with a big grin on her face. And there was no way she'd ever admit she was chilly.

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Marissa Kay said...

Hi! Let me be the first to comment. It is strange...I have found mysled a little less "in a huff" about what the kids have been wearing this year. It is a nice feeling to see they survive in not quite the outfit 'mom would have picked'. Poor kids are feeling so beat-up with so much school work and stuff that HAS t be done, they need to be able to make SOME decisions for themselves. We are learning to pick our battles and as long as these days keep getting warmer, let them pick, there will come a morning that we will know it isn't going to get much warmer throughout the day and will know that a change of outfit will be then OUR BATTLE. Until on- oh mom, like myself...who knows the kids are dressed and doesn't want to send the kids off to school after battling because we didn't like the two blues together.

Thad said...

You should make it clear to her that she's allowed to make her clothing decisions without interference from you until she's 14 and then it's your turn to make the decisions without interference from her until she's 21! Good luck with that :)

Mommy Spice said...

OK, I know you're not crazy about the cooler weather, but down here in Texas, we would be pulling out our winter coats if the high was 65. It's been nice that we have been in the upper 80's and lower 90's, but I can't wait until our highs are in the 60's.

One of my greatest wishes is to go to New York for Thanksgiving, see the Macy's parade and the tree in Rockafellor (sp?) Plaza. I've been there in the summer as I have a cousin who lives in Manhatten, but I'm pushing Daddy Spice to go to New York for Thanksgiving this year. Have you ever been to the parade?

mary ellen said...

I'm not as sophisticated as you yet, still taking the kids to school in pj's - one of the student crosswalk guards is always in the drop off section to open/close doors and one of the teachers told me that after he closed one of my doors one day he turned to her and said, "I think that lady was wearing her pajamas!" and the teacher said that she said to him, "Yep, every day!" I thought that was hilarious.

Tell Caroline her FL cousins are still wearing their t-shirts and shorts so she can just pretend she's of one accord with them. :-)

amyb said...

Brooke is picking out her clothes at 4 years old. I certainly have decided to start choosing when I make her change b/c she gets in quite a huff. She prides herself in her clothes selection. I must say, she also LOVES to do her hair! She does pretty good putting it in a ponytail for a 4 year old.

Panda-Mom said...

FYI~lots of times I try to get on your blog and it takes FOREVER! So I have to wait for another time. I visit OFTEN, but can't get on! Frustrating! Come look at the Fall Reading Challenge and see if it is something else you want to add to your life! SMILES!