Monday, September 4

Happy Lazy Day

Today we did not labor. We initially had great plans of getting some things done but for us in the way north, school starts in two days so we caved. We slept in, we sort of pretended to bustle around the house moving things from place to place to look like something, anything was getting accomplished and we did what I call "piddling" (not the sort of piddle that puppies do on the floor when they come to their new home).

About halfway through the day I convinced Hero Guy that we really should go to the miniature golf place that Little Chic has been begging to visit all summer. It's not that she loves mini-golf because she actually is quite competitive and hates not coming in first place. For for some reason though, she loves the gigantic pink elephant at hole #14 complete with its nose squirting water that then runs under its belly like it is peeing. I knew with the end of summer coming, the putt-putt places up our way will be closing soon. So it seemed fitting on this ending day of the summer season to crush our children in a battle of scores. In fine O-family fashion, Hero Guy did not take mercy and was gleeful as he pronounced himself the winner. He did console the rest of us with ice cream cones (although the cappucino crunch was not nearly as satisfying as my last treat).

On a completely unrelated note, I thought it was really sad that the Crocodile Hunter died today, although I'm sure he took uncalculated risks a few too many times. Since there is a "tempter of fate" living in our own household, my heart goes out to his wife and kiddos.

One last tidbit I'm sure you won't want to live without: The first Labor Day holiday was celebrated in 1882 in New York City and it is a creation of the labor movement dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. Too bad it doesn't warrant a day off school for us--we haven't started yet.

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Anonymous said...

OH my gosh, the way that he died too!!! Poor man! His poor family too. This is a man that has seen sooo much danger and to succumb to a sting ray? WOW, the man has wrestled crocodiles!!!

mary ellen said...

You're right, the elephant does look like he is peeing!

I thought the death of Steve was very sad too, my first thought was his wife with two young children. My oldest son loved watching his shows, and learned a lot about nature and animals in the process. I honestly thought someday we'd hear/read/see a crocodile did him in, not this.

As for your last paragraph, thanks for the history lesson, uh alrighty then....:-)

Cool Mama said...

Good for you taking the time to make the day special for the kids! We had great plans on doing that, but as is often the price of church leadership, we got sidelined into a long, but much needed meeting all afternoon, sorting out problems. Grrrrr!! But we took our kids out to their favorite place to eat ( Red Robins)to make it up for leaving them hanging for the day...and thenI came home, helped my 13yr. pluck her eyebrows for the first time- ouch! And blessed my 15 year by hangin ( badly) some much needed curtians in her room, and helping her clean! Wow! Actually found some good stuff in that room!
And yes...we all thought it was sad too, that the Crocodile guy was killed. He was such an entertaining character. Guess it just reminds all of us, that you never know when your time is up. And even the most celebrated people, all end up in the same place - standing before God, giving an account! ( I can just imagine Crodile guy , as he came face to face with God, getting that funny grin on his face that he used to get when something was a really awesome to him, and looking at God and saying "Crikey!!!")

Alexandra said...

Hello just followed your link from another site, I hope you don't mind. First of all I LOVE the pink elephant too! I can see why your daughter is drawn to it.
Second, I cried when I heard the crocodile man died! He was so young and full of life. I also heard that only about 17 people in about 100 years have ever been killed by a sting ray. It was just a total fluke accident. So sad. God be with the wife and kids.
Third, I like your blog you seem like a very cool down to earth person. Bless you!

Debbie said...

Very cool pink elephant, Little Chic, I like him too.

Such sad news about Steve Irwin yesterday. I still remember Lauren when she was around 10 year’s old doing a great job mimicking him. We loved him and will miss him too. I feel so sad for his loving family left behind.