Saturday, July 1


I was midly guilt-ridden today as I returned the babysitter home after she had spent the night at our house. Driving down the streets of our little town, the sidewalks were littered with carpets, furniture, toys, appliances--anything that stands within waist-height of an adult. These things all had to be discarded by their owners because of the massive flooding taking place on the east coast, some of which hit our nook of the world. The guilt wasn't due to me having my belongings preserved, but more for my lack of affection and connection to the things I own. I'm feeling a bit convicted that I need to appreciate the things that are sitting in their respective places from the dishes clean in my cabinets to the carpets that aren't swollen with sewage-contaminated mud. As I surveyed the mess around town, I reflected on how heartbroken I'd be if I had to discard my son's beloved Star Wars battleships or my daughter's collection of stuffed kitties that I routinely complain about littering the floor.

Not only to the daily tools like couches and refrigerators get ruined in an event like this, but precious items like baby momentos, family pictures and wedding keepsakes. I had only a small ceiling leak that annoyed me upon my return home on Wednesday. Above is Hero Guy on one of the 40 air boat rescues he's made in the last 4 days, getting stranded people out of their homes, some of which were flooded to the ceilings of their first stories. Some of these people are enduring the third house flood in as many years--and I was irritated about that yellow spot on my ceiling. Shame on me!

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The Flip Flop Mamma! said...

Wow. I too take for granted the things I have. I've never had a flood, a hurricane, an earthquake, or a tornado. I can't even begin to know what these people go through. My prayers are with them.

Anonymous said...

I had a trinkle of water in our cellar and I was upset. The houses RIGHT behind us, being lower and across from a raging creek, were flooded out! How lucky we are!!!!

mary ellen said...

I know exactly what you mean Jen - it makes you feel guilty - we saw many of those piles after those three hurricanes and we lost nothing. A neighbor of Paul and Jen's came home after being away during the storm, pulled in and were so relieved that everything looked normal...then opened their front door to find all their ceilings had collapsed and everything was ruined! Ugh. It made us count our blessings over and over to see so many hurting.

Debbie said...

It's hard for me to imagine what people go through when they lose their precious belongings. How sad it is for me to see others suffer such a loss, it could be me and very well may be me one day. I must continue to be thankful for the blessings God has given and never take what He's done for me for granted.